Street Style

Denise Tien


WITH Adam McDonald

Location: W 4 St and Greene St, NYC
Style: Casual, Slightly Trendy, Color Coordinated, Comfortable,
Precisely Planned, Sometimes Stylish
Major: Drama

"I would love to be in an Oscar-worthy movie, but I’d also love to be on the Broadway stage, in an original musical — that's a dream. I'd like the story to be modern day, contemporary, maybe about love and how that is in our times and how it’s different from how it was before. 
Movies and media are such big parts of our lives. They romanticize love and relationships. It’s part of our psyche — that's what we see. As we grow up, we realize it’s more complicated. It takes more time and more growth. A person could be the person in your life for that one specific moment in time.
I think the idea of love, how I viewed it in the past, was that you’re with one person for the rest of your life: you find that one perfect person and it’s over. Now, I think there’s so many other factors when it comes to relationships and love. It’s not as pure and like fairytales as we used to think it was."



Location: 721 Broadway, NYC
Style: Edgy, Doll and Fairy-like, Ethereal, Street-inspired, Extraterrestrial, Punk/Goth, Futuristic
Major: Music Performance Concentration with Computer Science

"I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I loved exploring different types of music. The internet influenced me; When YouTube was new, I found a lot of my favorite artists. I came to realize that I want to produce my own stuff: It’s been almost a year now. My music is hard to describe ... electric down tempo? It's like James Blake's or Bjork's. 
I want to use music as a medium to express myself as an artist as a whole. I'm not merely a musician, but an artist of other forms; which I will eventually express through my music videos, the fashion I want to create, social media and in everything else I do. I want to be seen as art. I hope to be an artist who is generally well-acclaimed and appreciated for my eccentricity."




Location: E 8 St and Broadway, NYC
Professional Style: Colorful, Never Black Tie
Personal Style: Biker Chic, Comfortable
Double Major: Finance, Economics

"I'm going into the asset management industry. I want to base the beginning of my career in NYC and max out the steep learning curve ahead of me before even thinking about going back home to Toronto, where my mother can spoil me and the markets are much smaller and strictly controlled. Most of the firms there still invest in companies in the United States but they lack the unique perspective of actually being on the field. I would like to establish a well-connected network that spans beyond New York – a global connection of people that I would not be able to form starting in Toronto. I prefer relationship-building to networking since networking sounds superficial, like a forced interaction to gain something. I just want to find like-minded individuals like boss-ass women tired of old, white men running everything."




Location: W 4 St and Washington Sq E, NYC
Style: Casual, Comfortable, Sometimes Sporty
Major: Sports Management

"During middle school, I wanted to be a lawyer. I spent a lot of time during the weekends with my dad's friend, a director of a law firm in China. He took me to play golf and I fell in love with the sport's elegance. 
At age ten, I tried basketball with one of my best friends and soon enough, I was hooked. I played for the varsity teams at my middle and high schools. 
One boring summer, a family friend was looking for a tennis partner. My interest in the sport grew as I nursed a crush on a Chinese professional player.
My junior year, I decided to focus on sports instead of law after I competed in a citywide basketball competition and met other sports lovers. Sports are comforting to me: I feel I can express myself freely and without hesitation while playing."


With Jordan ray

Location: Washington Sq E and Washington Pl, NYC
Style: Comfortable, Street-inspired, Eclectic
Major: Music Business

"I grew up in Kansas City and played the trumpet for seven years, so jazz has been a big influence on me and the type of music I like. My musical tastes range from r&b to hip hop to pop to country — I don't really see the point in creating genre barriers because at the end of the day music is music. 
I never ended up pursuing music as a profession, however, because of the instability. I instead decided to major in music business, because it'll immerse me in the music industry and provide me with that coin. My ultimate dream is to be an A&R rep for a major record label discovering talent from all over the world."


With Delfina Ferro


Location: W 4 St and Mercer St, NYC
Style: Edgy, Classy
Major: Drama
Minor: Business Studies

“I started an online shopping business in Argentina with a friend. It’s called Mius. It’s a place where every woman can find something that makes her feel beautiful and is accessible to everyone regardless of their socio-economic situation. It promotes small businesses and young, creative people who can’t own their own businesses or don’t have the ability to reach big communities. We launch in April and will be initially shipping within Argentina. Within 6 months, we expect to be able to ship to all of Latin America. In the future, we want to have a partner here to introduce Latin American fashion to the US market.”


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