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Fashionistas, welcome back to episode two of #HANGINGOUT. We promised you we'd talk to the smartest and coolest people in the industry, to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and an idea on how to make or break it in the world of fashion. And this is us practicing what we preach. Today's interview is nothing short than an absolute dream, as we got the chance to chat with none other than Jessica Jung

Jessica is what we would call the ultimate #Girlboss. At age 27, she already has more under her (very fashionable) belt than most people achieve in a lifetime. Risen to fame as part of the South Korean girlband Girls' Generation, Jessica is now taking the world (and front-rows) by storm as a solo-artist and multi-hyphenate creative: actress, model, songwriter, fashion designer and businesswoman – you name it, she's killing it!

We couldn't be more excited that amidst all the craziness, she found the time to chat with us about finding inspiration, juggling music and fashion and the recently opened NY flagship store of her brand, BLANC & ECLARE

A look into BLANC & ECLARE's Flagship Store in New York 

A look into BLANC & ECLARE's Flagship Store in New York 


What was youR dream job as a child?

To be in fashion.

What’s the best thing about your job?

My fans. They all gave me a lot of courage and so much support throughout different phases of my life, whether it’s in music or fashion.

What’s the worst thing about your job?

Not having enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.

One thing you could never live without?



You’re a multi-faceted creative in the truest sense – singer, actress, model, entrepreneur and designer just to name a few. Blanc & Eclare is your first own label. Have you always been interested in fashion?

I was always interested in fashion since I was a little girl. My mom is a huge influence on my interest in fashion. I‘ve always loved going on shopping trips with my mom. I really can’t see a scenario where I’m not somehow working in the fashion industry—it’s just in my DNA.

How did your label Blanc & Eclare originally start in 2014?

Blanc & Eclare is a dream come true for me. Ive always had this dream of being in fashion. I started with eyewear because I believe accessories are key to making a certain outfit successful – and I’m never caught without a pair of great sunglasses. We expanded from there into denim, cosmetics, ready-to-wear. I want BLANC & ECLARE to be a total, global brand. I’m so excited to work on the next phase for the brand. Every category is a completely new adventure and way to express my ideas.

All the eyewear-#goals at the flagship store! Make sure to come by and see for yourself ;-) 

All the eyewear-#goals at the flagship store! Make sure to come by and see for yourself ;-) 


What is the starting point of a new collection? Where do you find inspiration?

I’ve been exposed to a lot of the latest fashion and trends in Paris and New York, so I do find inspiration through my global travels. I also base every new collection on the idea of creating clothes that I would wear and enjoy.

How would you describe your personal style, and how much of Blanc & Eclare is inspired by it?

My style is definitely very classic, with special unique details that make it just a little bit different and modern. BLANC & ECLARE is based off that idea of the “modern classic".


You are what we would call a multi-hyphenate Girl-Boss! How does a typical business day look like for you?

There is no typical business day – each day is completely different! Some days, I’m completely immersed in working on my fashion line. I’ll work with the design team late into the night reviewing fabrics, buttons, designs. Some days I’ll be in the studio working on music and lyrics. I’ve also been spending time in a Paris perfumery sampling different fragrances and processing different combinations – I would love to make my own fragrance. I feel so lucky to be able to pursue both creative outlets and express my ideas in different ways.

The music and fashion industry are becoming more and more connected. How do you juggle working in both, and does one influence the other?

It’s such a challenge to juggle both things, especially since when I focus on something, I am 100% dedicated to that. The key for me has to switch my mindset very quickly so that I can move flexibly from music to fashion. They’re both creative outlets for me though, so sometimes my inspiration and ideas are reflected in both areas.

You have 5.7m followers on Instagram alone. How did the power of Social Media impact your career and the success of your brand?

I love social media because it gives me a way to connect directly with my fans. I also love reading their responses and find out what they think, what they like about my music or BLANC & ECLARE, or what they want to see in the future.


Influencers have gained huge importance for fashion brands. Who would you love to see in Blanc & Eclare? Any girl crushes?

I have so many girl crushes! And I love seeing how girls have been wearing the brand and putting their own spin on it. I especially get excited when my sister wears BLANC & ECLARE, because her style is so different from mine and she always wears it with a different perspective.

What’s your advice to young people out there dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur?

Don’t worry about the future – it only drags you down. Hardships and challenges are necessary to get you through the next phase of your life, so embrace change and always look forward to the future without fear!

You recently opened a NY Flagship store after just two years in business. What are your dreams and hopes for the future – for both you and the brand?

We have a lot of exciting projects coming up for both myself and the brand. I can’t give away anything just yet, but I am really so happy to share this journey with my fans.


Some more impressions from the BLANC & ECLARE Flagship Store in NYC: 


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132 Prince St, New York NY 10012

Interviewed by: Annika Lange 

Photographed by: Alicia Gill

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