Plan the Perfect Road Trip This Summer!

Now that the textbooks are put away and finals have to come to a close, what better way to celebrate the end of a hectic school year than by planning the perfect summer vacation? Take a week over the next few months to venture out of New York, your hometown or wherever it is that you currently reside. Being on the road for long periods of time may allow you to learn a lot about yourself and any of your Travel companions.

Spots to Explore
Choose a region to explore. Assuming that this road trip will be taking place in the United States, you could map out a route through New England, down the coast of California, or entirely cross-country. Some picturesque road trip destinations include Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Portland Head Light in Maine and Big Sur in California. You could choose to stop at each destination for a few nights to really get to know each area, or just hop from one to another if you’re trying to see more in less time. 

How to Pack
It is easy to over-pack, resulting in more baggage on your trip, or to under-pack, which often leads to missing basic necessities. I've found that a simple way to solve this dilemma is with the app Packing Pro, available on Apple devices. You input where and how long your vacation is going to be and creating a packing list is made simple: the app will ensure that you don't forget your toothbrush and phone charger and you can share your list with friends. Don't leave for your road trip without something as important as a pillow!

Road Trip Tunes
What’s a road trip without music? Apps such as Spotify or Soundcloud can be used to create playlists. The best kind of road trip playlists incorporate all genres and have throwback jams. A tip to break up the monotony of a long car ride is to have each person in the car choose a song based on an agreed-upon theme. For example, everyone could choose a song to play "while preparing for a fight" or "at your wedding." It’s entertaining to hear the songs resulting from the weird choices of your friends!

Capture the Memories
Yes, an iPhone works perfectly well to capture every exciting aspect of your trip. But a Polaroid, or any instant, camera makes these moments even more picture perfect. You can find new ones at K&M Camera or an Urban Outfitters, or find a unique, vintage one at thrift stores, or even online from Polaroid. Take an instant photo and later store it in a photo album. I don’t know why, but seeing old Polaroids that were printed instantly makes me even more nostalgic than just seeing a regular iPhone picture that can be uploaded instantly to Instagram. 

Wherever you decide to venture this summer, the most important thing is that you have good company! Going on a vacation is the perfect way to get in some quality self-love time, or to spend time and grow closer to your friends, your family. Enjoy nature, something we often miss in New York City! NYU will still be here this fall, but after your summer adventure hopefully you will be back re-energized and more ready than ever for the new school year.

Written by: Elizabeth Brill

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