Personalized Beauty for (NY)U

It’s 2018 and it seems the beauty industry is finally catching on to the fact that one product does not fit all. Shops have sprung up all over the city as customized beauty products take the world by storm. Check out these innovative Manhattan salons and stores for products perfectly tailored to you.

1. Function of Beauty
When you pick a shampoo and conditioner at CVS you probably take into account whether your hair is dry or oily, curly or straight and colored or natural. However, it's unlikely that you find a shampoo made for oily, curly and bleached hair in the hair-care aisle of your favorite drugstore. A couple of engineers educated at MIT helped bring a personalized hair-care lab to Manhattan; after you take an extensive quiz about your hair, Function of Beauty concocts the perfect formula for your tresses. You can take the quiz online or make an appointment to visit their lab in SoHo, where you'll get to see the process firsthand. As a bonus, Function of Beauty products are cruelty-free and made in the U.S.

2. Bite Beauty Lip Lab
I've long said that everybody needs a good red lipstick. There are only a few things with an aura of power, sophistication and all-around chicness comparable to that of a bold red lip. It’s a classic look that will never go out of style. However, with millions of red lipsticks to choose from, trying to find one that matches your skin tone and feels good on your lips can be frustrating. At Bite Beauty Lip Lab, technicians will mix pigments by hand, right in front of you, to create your perfect shade of red and in the texture and scent of your choosing. While any red lip will be the perfect pick-me-up before a morning class, there’s nothing quite like walking out the door with a red lip tailored to your exact preferences. 

3. Olfactory NYC
If you’re like me when it comes to perfume, you've long struggled to find a combination of floral and fruity you like enough to proclaim as your signature scent. Olfactory NYC is here to make the process easier for people like us: at their studio in Nolita, you can create and bottle a personalized scent with the help of their technicians. Furthermore, you'll never have to stress about somebody wearing the same perfume as you. To learn more about Olfactory, check out this article on the blog.

Photo: Denise Tien

Photo: Denise Tien


4. Rouge Salons with Bespoke Beauty
Blinding highlighter, the best way to capture anyone’s attention, takes makeup looks from 'everyday' to 'glamorous' with the swipe of a brush. At Rouge Bespoke Beauty Bar in Midtown or SoHo, artisans help you create a highlighter with a color, finish and scent perfectly customized to you. You can also create your own lipgloss, or lipstick. Rouge also carries cosmetics by Giella, a brand that is all about unique personalized beauty — you can check out their website to learn more.


Shopping for these personalized beauty products is perfect retail therapy for finals season, and lucky for us New Yorkers, we can pop into physical stores to try out the processes for ourselves. Take a break from studying, make an appointment to treat yourself and be sure to let us know what you think!

Written by: Gabrielle Roehr

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