A Dummy’s Guide to NYFW

Going to school in new york city, you’ve definitely heard about the infamous New York Fashion Week. Yes, we all understand that it consists of a week of fashion shows, but what is the purpose of it? If you’re new to the world of high fashion and need some basic information about NYFW so you can pretend you know what’s going on, we’ve got you covered. 

NYFW is the first week of Fashion Month in which the major fashion capitals — New York, London, Milan and Paris — present upcoming fashion collections. Between Feb. 8 and Feb. 16., over 80 designers will be premiering their fall and winter collections for 2018 (spring and summer shows take place in September every year). Men's shows took place last week from Jan. 30 through Feb. 2. 

NYFW is a multi-million dollar industry, and adds nearly $900 million to New York City’s economy. This single week affects thousands of jobs — from buyers all over the world on the hunt for possible orders to social media editors documenting the latest trends. 

The first NYFW took place in 1943 when renowned fashion PR director Eleanor Lampert decided to schedule New York fashion shows within the same week. The aim was to place an emphasis on American fashion due to the occupation of France during WW2, when major fashion reporters were unable to travel to Paris to see the latest collections. New York was the pioneer of showcasing fashion collections by season; eventually other cities followed suit.   

One of the main venues during NYFW is Spring Studios at 50 Varick St., but many designers are now holding their shows in various locations throughout the city. Tickets to industry shows are highly coveted and are invitation-only, but you can buy tickets to public shows online. Even if you can’t get seats to a show, you don’t have to worry about missing the latest looks. Vogue magazine posts photos of each outfit to their website by the next morning.

New York Fashion Week is particularly known for its youthful energy and vibrancy when compared to the shows held at the other fashion capitals. It is also diversifying its shows by including plus-size designs and models with disabilities. The designs that are showcased each season determine the latest trends in style around the world. You’re sure to notice the influence of NYFW while walking to class when you see the runway trends worn on the streets of New York!

Written by: Elizabeth Brill

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