Instagram-Worthy Desserts Near NYU

One of the best things about going to school in New York City is the endless opportunities for amazing food. All the videos and Instagram posts of mouth-watering desserts are easily within reach, and many are just a few blocks from NYU’s own Washington Square. Go forth and satisfy your sweet-tooth and Instagram feed!

Black Tap
You’ve probably seen these decadent milkshakes all over the internet, and if you’re dying to try one yourself, you’re in luck because Black Tap is just south of NYU’s main campus on Broome Street in SoHo. Black Tap has all offers a huge selection of craft burgers, but the star of the show is definitely the milkshakes. You can choose from a selection of classics, like chocolate and strawberry, or go for something wild off the Crazy Shake menu. Each shake comes in a glass loaded with treats, and there are eight to choose from. Just a 10-minute walk from Washington Square Park, and you’ll have the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of classes.

My Recommendation: Sweet n’ Salty


DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections
Last year, this place took social media by storm, serving safe-to-eat raw cookie dough in cones and cups like ice cream. DŌ is right next to the Kimmel Center for University Life on LaGuardia Place, so when you’re craving a snack, you can pop right over. DŌ offers classic flavors like Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie, as well as exciting combinations like Brookie Dough and Fluffernutter — and they also offer vegan and gluten free options! Plus, now that it’s been around a few months, the lines no longer wrap around the block.

My Recommendation: Brookie Dough

Dominique Ansel Bakery
How would you down a cookie shot — drink the milk and then eat the shot glass, or take a small sip of milk and a small bite of cookie? Although most famous for their chocolate chip cookie shot glasses and for inventing the cronut (it’s a croissant and a donut combined into one delicious pastry, and it's to die for), at Dominique Ansel you can get a variety of adorable desserts perfect for your Instagram.  Also in SoHo, Dominique Ansel is on Spring Street, just a 15-minute walk from Washington Square Park.

My Recommendation: Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass

Spot Dessert Bar
Nestled into St. Mark’s Place is Spot Dessert Bar — a tiny hole in the wall with a menu full of bizarre and delicious desserts. Each one is like a work of edible art and is definitely something unusual. When I went I got “The Harvest,” which comes in a terra-cotta pot and looks like a plant. As my friend said: “It was a cheesecake adventure!” Spot is also famous for the Golden Toast, a french-toast dessert served with condensed milk ice cream, honey, whipped cream and a strawberry.

My Recommendation: The Harvest


Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream
New Yorkers are known for two things — not smiling and wearing all black all the time. If you’re looking to extend your all-black wardrobe to your food, try Morgenstern’s in the Bowery. It’s a bit of a walk from campus but worth it for the black ice cream. Don’t be too skeptical — it’s a twist on coconut ice cream, made with coconut ash. Be careful though, because it will stain your tongue!

My Recommendation: Black Coconut Ash ice cream and Lychee Raspberry sorbet

Photographed by Gabrielle Roehr

Photographed by Gabrielle Roehr


Enjoy, because these dessert joints are sure to deliver, and be sure to tag us in your posts when you visit!! 

Written by: Gabrielle Roehr

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