Violets, Don’t be Cold This Valentine’s Day 

Someone at NYU, or a stranger walking around Washington Square Park, asks you out on a date. However, it is less than 40 degrees out and you have no idea how to dress. you want to exude sultriness and mystique, but how do you accomplish that when the temperatures are cold enough to make you want to stay inside your dorm room, as drake would say, with “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on”? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we have you covered on how to make the perfect impression on your chilly winter date. 


Faux Fur Stoles
Fur stoles are an easy component to add to any look to make you feel both warmer and more fashionable. They can be worn around your neck like a scarf or carried around your arms like a lonely ‘50s starlet. For maximum comfort, you can even buy ones that envelop most of your upper body in complete coziness. This is an option when a chunky turtleneck may seem too frumpy for a fun night out in the city.   

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Over-the-Knee Boots
Over-the-knee boots are not only extremely flattering as they elongate the leg and make you appear taller and more slender, but they are also practical. The more fabric that covers your leg, the toastier you will be. This is great paired with a skirt or dress, and will keep you from feeling as if you’re on the brink of hypothermia.   

Sweater Dress
An item that goes perfectly with over-the-knee boots is the sweater dress. This is obvious — it’s thermal, comfortable and bulky. This is a perfect date night option when the dress lands above the knee.You can definitely wear a sweater dress that is longer than knee length, but in that case, I would recommend a bodycon fit that will hug your curves.   

Fleece Lined Tights
I think wearing tights is an underrated technique for harnessing warmth. With tights on, the winter wind hitting your legs feels less abrasive. Most pharmacy stores carry a variety of fleece-lined tights that have a selection of different patterns, colors and textures for when you’re feeling bold. Of course, solid black is a reasonable choice, as it goes with almost every outfit. 

Hopefully your date agrees to Cinema Village, the Grey Art Gallery or, actually, anywhere inside. These tips will help add warmth to your outfit and prepare you to brace the cold. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, these tips will help you look flirty and well-dressed even with frigid February temperatures!

Written by: Elizabeth Brill

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