NYU.FASHION x Olfactory NYC 

Perfume is a crucial part of my daily routine. A few spritzes of my favorite scent before walking out the door always gives me a boost of confidence, and adds a feeling of glamour and elegance to every look. Unfortunately for me, my favorite fragrances are designer, which means that I have to either save for months to splurge on one, or wait until the holidays in the hopes that someone will gift me one of my coveted Chloé or Chanel scents that cost hundreds of dollars. That's why when NYU.FASHION was offered a visit to Olfactory NYC to customize our own perfumes, I jumped at the opportunity. Keep reading for a discount for when you visit the store!

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Olfactory NYC is based in Nolita, about a 15-minute walk from NYU’s campus. When we arrive, the CEO of Olfactory, JJ Vittoria, greets us and walks us through the process. There are nine different fragrances in Olfactory’s collection. Each of the scents has a name that represents a different aesthetic. For example, Dylan has a fresh, lively tone perfect for the life of the party while Riley’s warm Vanilla blend suits someone of a softer, more mysterious nature. We have the option of choosing our favorite and customizing the scent to our exact liking. While some of the perfumes are feminine, a majority are unisex. I pick the floral, youthful fragrance named Lulu.

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Although I love Lulu on its own, it’s a tad too sweet for my liking. Because I had also fallen in love with the rosy notes in Avery, with JJ’s assistance, I take the Iris component from the flowery Avery perfume and add it to the Lulu.

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Next, I choose a light pink color for the packaging and the name of my customized scent. I pick “Lizzie” because well, it’s my name, and I want this fragrance to represent me!

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Aside from perfume, Olfactory also sells body wash and lotion, each offering the same range of scents. One of my favorite aspects of Olfactory is how personal the experience is. With its bright and vibrant Nolita setting, it's rather different from the typical luxury perfume store that can seem intimidating or pretentious. The prices are very affordable as well at half of what a designer fragrance would typically retail.

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With each perfume selling for $50, and a customized one for $75, I think Olfactory is the perfect spot to pick up a fragrance, especially if you’re on a student budget. The scents are unique, high-quality and last all day!

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Olfactory is located at 281 Mott St. Show your NYU ID and mention NYU.FASHION for 20% off through Apr. 8, 2018!

Written by: Elizabeth Brill
Photographed by: Denise Tien

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