From Feb. 8 to Feb. 16, all of your favorite designers, models and influencers will descend upon New York City for Fall/Winter Fashion Week — a weeklong extravaganza full of exciting styles and enviable Instagram posts. 

While the chaos of Fashion Week may seem daunting to us NYU goers without personal assistants and invites from a KarJenner or Hadid, that doesn’t mean that our Instagrams (and lives, I guess) can’t be just as exciting. Here are a few tips for navigating New York Fashion Week and being a part of all the action!

If you want to see a show ...
For many, the most exciting part of Fashion Week is the shows. Designers from all over the world come to showcase their collections in a whirlwind of catwalks and avant-garde showrooms. Unfortunately, most of these shows are industry-only events, so you won’t be able to see Victoria Beckham’s new collection without a friend on the inside. You’re welcome to try your hand by emailing press contacts listed on the official New York Fashion Week website, but in case you’re unlucky there are several events that are open to the public.

Dahlia Razzook’s weeklong presentation at the Plaza Hotel will showcase her new collection, and ASC Fashion Week brings together dozens of designers to showcase at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Feb. 10. Both of these events are exciting ways to get a glimpse of what NYFW is all about without needing a press pass or a famous friend to get through the doors!

For more information on how to attend public shows and the complete schedule for F/W NYFW, visit nyfw.com!

If you want to look chic ...
This winter has been full of faux fur, denim-on-denim and typically menswear styles as womenswear on magazine covers and Instagram feeds alike. If you’re looking to fit in with the influencers on Fifth Avenue, look for statement jackets that keep you warm and chic, such as an overcoat with padded shoulders, or a puffy metallic ski jacket. Straying from the usual black and gray coats is also on trend, with many celebrities and influencers rocking colored fur or bold patterns in their winter wardrobe. If a fuschia fur coat is not quite your style, try adding a colored scarf or pom-pom hat to break up the gray-tones and bring some color to winter!

If you want to spot your celebrity idol ...
When they’re not busy attending shows or walking the catwalk, they’re busy posting glamorous shots from rooftop bars and wild afterparties on Instagram (and giving us all major FOMO). The Empire Hotel rooftop bar is perfect for the beautiful shots of New York’s skyline, and is a favorite among Fashion Week crowds for just that reason. Or, to feel like you’re living your best Gossip Girl life, head to the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel, where New York’s young and beautiful mingle. If you’re not looking to get glammed up for a bar, check out the High Line in Chelsea. At the very least, you’ll get some exercise walking up and down the park! But if there’s ever a time to get dolled up and stray beyond your favorite East Village standbys, during Fashion Week is it. 

New York Fashion Week is always exciting — it’s the perfect time to take a break from studying in Bobst and venture out into the city. There’s so much going on that you’ll never be bored, and you’ll definitely feel just a little bit glamorous when you tell all your friends back home that you spotted Karlie Kloss on Lexington. (And even more so when you tell them you both go to NYU!)

If you’re interested in even more things to do during NYFW, check out this article, “The Ultimate Guide to New York Fashion Week!

Written by: Gabrielle Roehr

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