Return to NYU From Winter Break With Glowing Skin!

As winter break nears its end, you may begin to notice that your skin is drier and flakier due to the onset of the colder weather. To prepare your skin for the new semester, here are tips to add hydration to your skincare routine and to start your new classes glowing! 

Exfoliating is the best method for getting rid of the rough, dry patches on your skin. You can use a physical exfoliator that uses tiny grains to scrub these flakes away, or a chemical exfoliator that uses the chemicals AHA or BHA to turnover dead skin cells. Exfoliate about three times a week for smooth skin. 

A simple sheet mask is an easy way to revamp your skin’s texture. You may look like a mummy while it’s on, but it’ll all be worth it when your skin is beautifully refreshed. A clay mud mask is also helpful for purifying the skin — just wash it off after 15 minutes.   

Toner is an amazing step to add to your routine for extra moisture! Pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and apply before using any other products so that the formula is easily absorbed. Your skin will feel softer instantly, and you'll be sure to have removed any remaining makeup. 

Serum / Face Oil
If you’re really adamant about having radiant skin, incorporate oils into your routine. You can apply a serum or oil to your face before applying moisturizer, or blend a few drops in with your foundation to give your skin a luminous appearance. My favorites for nourishing my skin include rose hip oil or grape seed extract as an ingredient. 

Everyone should be using moisturizer year-round. However, during the colder months you may want to swap your everyday moisturizer for a richer, thicker cream. Apply extra to your face overnight and you will wake up with skin that is softer and more rejuvenated!  

My lips seem to always be parched. You can buy a lip scrub to exfoliate, or simply use a toothbrush to massage away the dead skin. Make sure to use a lip balm to condition both in the  morning and night during the winter! Using a hydrating lip sleeping mask also helps you wake up with soft, supple lips. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you rejuvenate your skin care routine for the start of the new semester. It is always important to take care of ourselves, no matter how busy school will soon make us. Even though winter can make your skin feel dull, incorporating just a few of these tips will do wonders to your skin!

Written by: Elizabeth Brill

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