The Ultimate Guide to New York Fashion Week

Every year in September, fashion fans from around the globe frolic to New York for what we like to sum up as the two i's: Inspiration and (maybe more importantly) Instagram content. You know it: it's Fashion Week season! That doesn't only mean stylish street-style overload, but also rubbing elbows with A-listers and entering the Hunger Games over brunch tables. Lucky for you, we teamed up with former NYC-transplant and city-know-it-all Athena from Whiskers & Lions to prep you for the most stylish week of the year. To keep you from getting butchered at the Butcher's Daughter, we've got you covered with both hotspots and underdogs for the true NYFW experience. Click here to go straight to the map & read on to find out all you need to know!



Skylight Clarkson Sq - 558 Washington Street

Industria - 40 Bethune Street



(Super-)Bowl at INDAY, Pasta heaven at CHARLIE BIRD, Avo-Toast battle between ABCV and MERCER KITCHEN, and 'gram-worthy interior at WHILE WE WERE YOUNG (PC:  Charliebirdnyc ,  Whiskers & Lions ,  Whilewewereyoungnyc )

(Super-)Bowl at INDAY, Pasta heaven at CHARLIE BIRD, Avo-Toast battle between ABCV and MERCER KITCHEN, and 'gram-worthy interior at WHILE WE WERE YOUNG (PC: Charliebirdnyc, Whiskers & Lions, Whilewewereyoungnyc)

abcV - For a chic power breakfast or lunch, head to Jean-Georges’ restaurant for a plant-based meal that will satisfy both your tastebuds and need for a gorgeous Instagram pic.

Atla - Small plates of light, Mexican food. Perfect for lunch meetings, casual and open all day.

Charlie Bird -  Refined Italian with a damn nice glass of rosé. If Rihanna and Chloe Sevigny love this place, we love it too.

MIMI - A tiny French restaurant with French-speaking waitresses, which will make you forget you’re in NYC for a minute. It’s relaxed and intimate so you can hang around till late.

Sant Ambroeus SoHo - If you grab a table outside, you’ll have New York’s finest people watching spot. It’s Italian food but it wouldn’t be New York if they didn’t do a killer avocado toast too.

The Mercer Kitchen - Anna Wintour’s go-to spot for breakfast meetings. Surprisingly they make the best Açaí bowl in New York.

El Rey - A good little spot to fuel up for a long day with big grain bowls, avocado toast and strong coffee.

Inday - Big colorful bowls with food that will make your skin clear and glowy. Perfect if you’re in a time-crunch.

Ludlow Coffee Supply - One of the Lower East Side’s finest cafés, including mosaic tiled floors and marble tables. And more importantly, giant croissants.

Le Coucou - Refined French in plush surroundings. Think of it as the Hotel Costes of New York.

De Maria - All of your brunch favorites, but with a twist. Expect the most beautiful plates of food in a soothing environment.

Honeybrains - All-day café with healthy food, honey-infused drinks and fast wifi. Perfect to stop by for a quick snack or a breakfast-to-go.

Clover Grocery - Café Clover’s little sister, just a few doors down. Aside from specialty groceries (think pearl powders and special vinegars) they have a coffee/smoothie counter and fresh take-out meals.

Chillhouse - Need a break from fashion week? Come chill here, get your nails done while sipping on some ‘chill liquid’ (cold brew that is).

The Smile & The Smile To Go - One is an all-day restaurant, the other is a take-out spot. Both offer fresh, healthy and delicious food.

The Drug Store - Need a quick fix? Nolita’s newest ‘wellness mixology bar’ offers exactly what the doctor ordered: elixirs with names like ‘detox’, ‘skin+hair’ and ‘energy’. Pricey but worth a shot.

While We Were Young - Every instagrammer’s dream come alive. Contemporary American cuisine in a setting that makes it impossible not to take a picture. Who doesn’t like a good neon sign?!

Flora Bar at the Met Breuer - Got time for a lunch and some culture between shows? Head to the Met Breuer for a quick tour and some small sharing plates at Flora.

Empire Diner - Modern American diner with all the classics but in a more FW-proof setting.

Cecconi’s - Looking for an elegant dinner spot to celebrate the end of NYFW? Cecconi’s is the perfect spot with views over Manhattan and all of your Italian favorites, including a good spritz.

Bubby’s Highline - This American cuisine inspired spot is serving comfort food all day, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t lock down a brunch table. It’s conveniently close to both NYFW locations - so you know it will be full of fashionable peeps.



Springs Studios hangouts, Cheers to the weekend at Rintintin, People watching at Café Select & Night crowds @ et al (PC:  NYTimes ,  Whiskers & Lions ,  RIntintin_nyc )

Springs Studios hangouts, Cheers to the weekend at Rintintin, People watching at Café Select & Night crowds @ et al (PC: NYTimes, Whiskers & Lions, RIntintin_nyc)

Spring Studios - Members-only club with cool bar and rooftop which is guaranteed to throw some FW parties.

Socialista - The Cuban model hang-out which can only be packed with more models during fashion week. DiCaprio tagging along is a given.

Café Select - An underrated SoHo classic where you’ll be eating drinking red wine next to models (or brunch next to Dakota Fanning).

Rintintin - Another late night (fashion) crowd pleaser. Fun music, good cocktails and always a nice crowd. Skip the food and just come for drinks.

Employees Only - A small and usually packed speakeasy with arguably some of the best cocktails in the city. Tell the bartender what you like and he’ll make you something amazing. (They also serve some of the best steaks in town - which is top secret!)

Sel Rrose - Oysters and champagne, sounds like the perfect FW diet, n’est-ce pas? And if you’re not wearing anything tight the next day, order a side of truffle fries. To die for.

Et al. - Super stylish lounge bar with plush seating and a good crowd, perfect to start the night at.



The rooftop at Public Hotel (PC: Whiskers & Lions)

The rooftop at Public Hotel (PC: Whiskers & Lions)

The Standard - Whether it's the East Village location or the Meatpacking classic - you've seen a 'gram or two of influencers in the Standard's sheets. Their rooftop "Le Bain" is just the cherry on top (pun intended). 

The Public Hotel - There's a new hot shot hotel in town - and it might just come with the best views in the city. As the ultimate all-around talent with a restaurant, multiple bars and performance spaces, PH is bound to host NYFW's hottest events. 

1Hotel Brooklyn - Set in Brooklyn Bridge Park with unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline, this gem comes with a trendy restaurant, 3 bars and a killer rooftop (with a pool if you're in to make a splash). 

The Bowery Hotel - Smack in the middle of the Lower East Side, The Bowery Hotel is home to an incredibly opulent event space (and terrace) on the second floor. Fingers crossed you can score an invite ;-) 

The Roxy Hotel - TriBeCa's very own ROXY is a universe of its own and always worth a visit. It hosts multiple bars, including one of our favorites: Paul (Sevigny)'s Cocktail Lounge. Don't say we didn't warn you about the tough door! 

11Howard - Upscale SoHo Hotel by day, upscale SoHo bar by night. 11 Howard's bar "The blond" is on our list of favorite places - and non discriminative of hair-color, we promise!

The Beekman Hotel - Just step into its picture-perfect atrium and try not to take a 'gram - we dare you!



Wings on Allen, DUMBO Waterfront views, Freeman's Back-Alley, Feels at Baby Brasa & the GG Money-shot (PC:  Carterfish  ,  Chanelle_maaa ,  Sportnastya ,  Msannilange ,  Kelseymontagueart )

Wings on Allen, DUMBO Waterfront views, Freeman's Back-Alley, Feels at Baby Brasa & the GG Money-shot (PC: Carterfish , Chanelle_maaa, Sportnastya, Msannilange, Kelseymontagueart)

Gucci Mural - Lafayette & Spring St

I Feel You Baby (Baron Von Fancy) - Baby Brasa (173 7th Ave. South) 

Allen Street - Some of the best wall art the city has to offer (just check #TheNewAllen)

Crosby Street / Greene Street (Soho) - Try and venture left an right of Broadway to find some of the most photogenic streets in NYC

Freeman’s - The back alley of your Instagram dreams (Freeman Alley)

DUMBO - Washington Street in Brooklyn, also known as “the Gossip Girl shot”

DUMBO Waterfront (Jane’s Carousel / Pebble Beach) - If you're looking for the best views of the city - this is where you need to go! 

For more NYC tips & city maps, check out Whiskers & Lions

A guide by Annika & Athena 


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