Underrated Dorm Decor

We all know and love the dorm decorations that have appeared on every Pinterest board and filled our Instagram feeds. Here's the scoop on the most underrated decorations to make dorm living feel more like home!



Put away your tool box and use two command hooks to hang up curtains to make your windows pop! In NYC, curtains are a great way for some much needed privacy.


Succulent Plants

If you want the greenery but not the responsibility of watering a plant everyday, succulents are the way to go! These adorable plants are inexpensive, a breath of fresh air in small spaces and a unique decor item.


Decorative Lampshades

Rather than the classic metal desk lamps, try adding a fun lamp and lampshade in order to create a warm atmosphere. They are easy to find and will make your dorm feel more homely.


Mat Boards as Frames

Dorms are not lenient when it comes to students hanging up heavy frames, especially using nails. Using mat boards is the perfect solution: whether you’re using them to display personal photos or a poster, they will make your wall art stand out! 


Fridge Magnets

What better way to spruce up your kitchenette than with some fun fridge magnets? Instead of buying a dry-erase or cork board for your memos, bring magnets from home. They are a great way to bring accents of home to your room and decorate your kitchen!


Chair Cushions

Even if you don’t study in your dorm, adding some chair cushions will create a cozy, warm ambiance. Not to mention that they make your chairs significantly more comfortable! The best part about these cushions is that they can be found in department stores or online and will definitely not break the bank.


Written by: Shreya Jois 

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