Tunes for Your Commute to Class

Check out a few of our favorite songs to get through the fall semester commute. Whether it’s rock, hip-hop or throwback vibes, here are songs to add to your playlist!

Image by  Matthew Henry  via  Burst

Image by Matthew Henry via Burst


Feel it Still, Portugal. The Man

This song is for walking through WSP on a perfect, sunny day. With over 80 million listens on Spotify, “Feel it Still” is a must-add for your playlist!

Provider, Frank Ocean

“Provider” is the best for when you’re trying to avoid huge puddles on a rainy day and still make it to class on time. This mellow R&B song is amazing for a relaxed commute this fall semester!

Image by  David Hwang  via  Flickr

Image by David Hwang via Flickr


Gold Dust Woman, Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s iconic “Rumours” album is a great throwback jam! Stevie Nicks’ husky vocals accompanied by folk drumming creates a rock ‘n’ roll sound that makes this song unique. “Gold Dust Woman” is a staple song for anyone’s classic rock playlist.

Image by  Sarah McKagen  via  Flickr

Image by Sarah McKagen via Flickr


Bad 4 Us, Superfruit

These a cappella veterans just released this tune last summer. It has an old school feel — but with a modern twist! Although it’s a departure from their Pentatonix days, this song's tight harmonies mixed with a cheerful beat make it the epitome of groovy.

Image by  Hauke Musicaloris  via  Flickr

Love on Top, Beyonce

You can always count on Beyonce to actually make you want to get up and dance on the way to your 8 am lecture. Whether you listen to "Love on Top" as background music during your walk or as a way to marvel in the magic that is Queen Bey, this song is for you.

Image by Nat Ch Villa via  Flickr

Image by Nat Ch Villa via Flickr


Woman, Harry Styles

This song is a combination of mellow, cheery and the hint of rock ’n’ roll will make you forget you’re listening to a post boy band member. The dialogue at the beginning is a breath of fresh air! While you contemplate which celebrity this song is about, don’t forget to add "Woman" to your playlist.

Image by  Javierosh  via  Flickr

Image by Javierosh via Flickr


Sunday Candy, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

This catchy tune will brighten anyone’s long commute with its upbeat vocals and sensational drumbeats. Although “Sunday Candy” is one of the older songs on our list, Chance the Rapper’s melodic lyrics are timeless.

Image by Julio Enriquez via  Flickr

Image by Julio Enriquez via Flickr


Boys, Charli XCX

This fun-loving new song is the best guilty pleasure in synthetic pop music. Charli XCX’s jam will warm up your day through its lighthearted sound and fun lyrics. The song’s resonant message, coupled with its light harmonies will improve your mood on your way to class.

Image by Justin Higuchi via  Flickr

Image by Justin Higuchi via Flickr


Written by: Shreya Jois

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