Post-Event: NYU.FASHION x Blanc & Eclare

Georgetown Cupcakes, Narsissist Boys & Braid Bars

It was all style and smiles at NYU.Fashion’s event with Blanc & Eclare this past Friday, May 5. Trying on almost every piece of the brand’s spring eyewear collection proved to be the perfect way to unwind after a busy semester of classes.

Throughout the event, we occasionally wandered away from the hypnotizing display of sunglasses to nibble on delicious B & E-themed treats from Georgetown Cupcake, only to return to the question: so, wait, seriously you guys: the silver pair or the white ones? 

Blanc & Eclare’s new spring collection certainly lived up to the hype; the NYU.Fashion team and our student guests were blown away by the collection’s sleek appeal and creative details. The pieces were simple, yet each had a unique quality–like an embroidered phrase or an unconventional cut–that distinguished it as a definitive upgrade from the basic styles that we know and love.

While admiring the new denim line that Blanc & Eclare will be launching later this month, attendees flaunted a variety of makeup looks that encompassed everything from soft, glowy cheeks to dark smoky eyes. Everyone’s skillfully done faces were courtesy of NARS artists Cyler Daigle and Joseph Gilmore.

Because nothing is better than an evening where everyone is looking and feeling their best, guests also sported Gina Ribando’s stunning braids; their hairstyles ranged from abstract space buns to graceful side-sweeps, all crafted with expertise to perfectly suit their wearer!

The event couldn’t have gone better, though of course it wouldn’t have been possible without careful collaboration on the part of the founder of Blanc & Eclare herself, Jessica Jung. If you missed out this time, be sure to follow her page and check out the Blanc & Eclare SoHo flagship store for yourself, because the team at NYU.Fashion are definitely die-hard fans of her elegant style.

To stay updated on future NYU.Fashion events, be sure to follow the new Snapchat account that we launched at the event. As summer kicks into gear, it’ll be filled not only with invites, but also with new content, exclusive sneak-peaks, and team shenanigans. Don’t miss out!

Written by: Katherine Borkov

Photographed by: Alicia Gill