NYU.FASHION x Blanc & Eclare

Come get 20% off your B&E purchase and a chance to meet Jessica Jung!

Founded by former K-Pop star Jessica Jung, Blanc & Eclare is one of few womenswear lifestyle brands that manages the impossible task of seamlessly blending the modern and the classic. Although the brand’s first NYC flagship store opened roughly a year ago, B & E’s crisp yet trendy approach is a match made in heaven for New York City’s minimalistic and ever-innovative styles cape.

Nobody embodies that aesthetic better than NYU students, who have placed themselves in the heart of America’s fashion capital and know what it means to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. It is for this reason that Blanc & Eclare will be hosting a shopping event exclusively for NYU students from 5-7 PM on Friday, May 5th. 

The store will be closed to the public, and NYU students will receive a 20% discount with their ID’s to shop B&E’s new summer collection as well as their newly launched denim line. Any purchase of $250 or more guarantees a meet and greet with Jessica herself, while spending $500 or more ensures an invitation to an exclusive presentation of the brand’s newest denim line as well as a signing event.

The store is located conveniently close to campus at 132 Prince Street, making the event a perfect spot to celebrate the end of the academic year. Be sure to take advantage of the braid bar and refreshments that will be offered, because that’s not the only thing that will be celebrated: NYU.Fashion will also be launching our snapchat!

Upcoming snapchat stories will offer full coverage of various events throughout New York City, such as store openings, New York Fashion Week events and, of course, events sponsored or collaborated on by NYU.ashion. We’ll keep you posted on the best looks and trends that we see along the way, as well as all of the exciting things that NYU.Fashion has in store!

The story will be featuring behind-the-scene live content from interviews and photoshoots, and the NYU.Fashion team will be posting weekly snaps from our meetings to give viewers exciting sneak peeks of our upcoming projects. 

Throughout it all, you’ll get to individually meet the team members of NYU.Fashion, both as students and as fashionistas, to better understand how the artists, writers, designers, models, photographers, editors, and endless list of collaborators go about making NYU.Fashion the hub of inspiration and connectivity that it is!


To RSVP to the event, confirm your attendance here.

Written by: Katherine Borkov

Photos by: Alicia Gill