Lenique Vincent: Riding and Rebelling Styles

Tisch ’19 student Lenique Vincent talks about taking the plunge into blogging, her own personal style and its development at NYU, and finessing your way into NYFW shows as a newbie. 

Katie: Can you describe to me the genesis of your fashion blog? When did you start blogging, why, and how did you get to the point where you are at now?

Lenique: So, I started my fashion blog two years ago, but I feel like the seriousness of it officially kicked into gear about a year ago when I was like “Wow, I’ve had this for a year!” (laughter.) I created it because my cousin actually said to me “You should create a fashion blog!” and at first I was like “No, no one cares, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

But after that I began noticing that a lot of people would always ask me where I got my clothes from, and I never knew offhand, so I’d end up fumbling around and checking tags. From that I eventually realized that I could really create a fashion blog and do this for real.

Katie: When you say that it got more serious for you over this past year, what for you signifies this seriousness?

Lenique: So many things! First of all, I wanted to network, so I started branding myself, and being a fashion blogger became a part of my title. Before that, I had always identified myself as an entertainer. I got accepted into NYU for theater, and I’ve attended performing arts schools all my life, but I’ve also always known that I love to write and that I love fashion. I get the latter from my mom, who is very fashion forward. It’s mind blowing; everybody tells her that she needs to be a stylist, but she doesn’t want to (laughter.) She’s my number one style influencer.

Katie: Have you found that being at NYU has influenced your personal style?

Lenique: NYU inspires me a whole lot, especially the people. I love seeing different street styles. It blows my mind how fashionable students are here without even knowing! I admire student’s styles from afar all the time and I get inspiration from them for my outfits, of course. 

Keeping an eye on street style also shows me what the trends around campus are. I’ll see a recurring trend and I’ll either be like “Okay, that’s a way I’m gonna ride,” or “I’m totally gonna rebel against that. I will never buy it at all and I’m going to find something new!” I like to purposefully pick up things that people would call ugly and work to prove them wrong (laughter).

In terms of resources, I love the Fashion Business Association. I think that they’re very helpful. I also write for HerCampus, which is more of a lifestyle thing, but I also write fashion-related pieces on there. So NYU has definitely given me outlets for me to express myself and also outlets where I can promote my blog, give out business cards, and be the fashionista I am.

Katie: I know you attended NYFW this year; could you share a quick synopsis of the shows that you attended? Was this the first year that you attended?

Lenique: The first NYFW I ever attended was actually during the September of my freshman year; I went to some smaller shows and presentations. In the winter of my freshman year, I would find the locations of shows through an app called Fashion GPS and I would just go up to the check-in and say, “Hey, I’m Lenique Vincent, I’m a fashion blogger, I go to NYU, I write, I have my own blog, can I just have a standing ticket please?” I’d end up getting standing tickets, but when I went in I never stood (laughter.) I either got a seat filler or ended up just kind of sitting in the second row.

This past fashion week I actually started just networking a lot. At a previous fashion week I met someone who works at a PR firm, and I e-mailed them beforehand and said something along the lines of “Hey! Long time no speak; if anybody you’re presenting is having a fashion week show just let me know and I’ll be there!” So that’s another part of the way that I got tickets.

Katie: That’s so savvy of you! For both attending events like NYFW and dressing day-to-day, how would you describe your personal style? Are there any particular brands or icons that have influenced your style?

Lenique: First of all, my mother, as I said before. I love and adore her so much and without her fashion sense, I would be nothing! But I also really look up to Rihanna. I love her, she is my human (laughter.) She prompts me to be impulsive with my fashion style because she just does not care! If she’s taught me one thing, it’s to literally wear anything you want because that’s what she does, and no matter what she wears she’s perceived as a lady. She’s very classy, and I love that about her.

My personal style, based on all that, is feminine but structured. I love shoulder pads, slacks, blazers, and puffy sleeves. I’ll typically create looks with a black or white base and gold accents, but I also love experimenting with color! I’m a hybrid of Jeremy Scott and Moschino; lots of colorful things, but I’m also very high-key Givenchy, Balmain, and Chanel. I would very much say that I’m versatile; in the question of sneakers versus booties... either one!

Photographed by: Sam Trance

Interviewed by: Katherine Borkov

Interviewee: Lenique Vincent