GENTLE MAYHEM: “Make Love, not War”

Like to keep up with distinctive trends? Then you should definitely let us tell you about Gentle Mayhem.

Gentle Mayhem, previously known as “WHYNOTSPEAKUP,” was founded in 2014, based on the sole mission of creating beautiful and unique statement pieces for the “dreamers, artists, and romantics.” When we came across this brand, we knew we had to share! I mean, have you ever seen a brand “[symbolize] life in a bullet shell” before? (I’m guessing not!) 

These bullet-shaped necklaces with vibrant, popping colors are so connected with the idea of life that they place frozen flowers inside of the bullet. According to the brand, these flowers “will bloom in dry and cold environments and close when it is moist and warm.” The frozen flower paired with the Swarovski crystals together symbolize “an everlasting love that will never wither.” 

As for styling your outfits around these gems, it’s simple. These necklaces hold just enough sophistication for many an occasion: dress it down with a shirt dress, tights, and booties during the day, or dress it up with a low-cut bodysuit and killer pants at night–you get to decide!

Out of all of their products, my favorites would definitely have to be the brand’s classic “Eternity II” style, specifically the Orpheus (first picture), the Argante, and the Annie.  Each “Eternity II” necklace is made with high quality stainless steel, swarovski crystals, engineered glass, and frozen flowers. Need I say more? Also, each piece is guaranteed to be of great quality because they are handmade

“Symbolising life in a bullet shell can be more powerful than gunpowder” 

- (Gentle Mayhem)

So, which Eternity necklace symbolizes your life?  

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m off to buy myself one of these!


Directed & Photographed by: Belle Yau

Written by: Lauren Sobel