NYUnique: Yo Fu: A mix of NYC and LA

“Afterwards he said, “One month no sucking, okay?" ... the same morning I flew to LA with bars in my nips, a little pain on the plane, but all was worth it”

Yo Fu


Maisha: Describe your style in a sentence or two.

Yo Fu: Street urban and random as hell–mix & match whatever clothing that’s not dirty (laughter). Some friends describe it as a mix of NYC and LA. 

Maisha: Favorite stores and designers?

Yo Fu: I don’t care much about stores or designers, I like what I like. Also because I’m broke I can’t afford expensive stuff (laughter). I usually thrift and shop online (and make really random, impulsive, irresponsible decisions), and find brands or inspirations on Instagram.


Maisha: What’s the best thing in your closet right now? 

Yo Fu: A new tearaway-sleeve red hoodie that I bought from the Korean brand Skoot 4. 

Maisha: What according to you is one timeless style piece? 

Yo Fu: Black combat boots

Maisha: What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve? 

Yo Fu: Matching couples (aka britney & justin 2001 denim match)


Maisha: What’s the one item on your wish list? 

Yo Fu: I’ve been wanting to get a pair of high top sneakers but am still waiting for something to catch my eye to make a move. 

Maisha: Less or more? 

Yo Fu: Less

Maisha: 90s grunge or 60s glam?

Yo Fu: 90s grunge


Maisha: You have really cool piercings, and I know you have an interesting story behind them!

Yo Fu: I got them done last summer and it was a really impulsive decision although I had been thinking of getting them for a while. What happened was, I was flying out early next morning so I was packing in my apartment and hanging out with my roommate, but being the easily distracted and bored procrastinator that I am, I didn’t want to pack at all. So I found myself a reason to stop packing—to get my nipples pierced at three in the morning. I have a high pain tolerance so piercing them was no problem at all, but my tits have never been felt in such an indifferent manner by a man (laughter). Afterwards he said, “One month no sucking, okay?" Anyways, the same morning I flew to LA with bars in my nips, a little pain on the plane, but all was worth it.

Photographed by: Alicia Gill

Directed and Styled by: Lei Jin

Interviewed by: Maisha Kabir

Interviewee: Yo Fu