NYUnique: Food Blogger Interview With Hanna Domit From @HannaEatsNYC

“I counted how many food pictures I had on my phone … over 600. So basically, from that moment, my food blog created itself

Hanna Domit


Maisha: Define your style.

Hanna: My style is constantly changing, but I always buy classic pieces and dress them up with a twist.

Maisha: Your all-time favorite trend?

Hanna: I will always love denim in all its forms. No matter what, denim is always in and can easily be dressed up or down.

Maisha: There’s a fire in your house. What one item do you grab and go? 

Hanna: My black Balenciaga purse! It’s such a staple bag and so edgy at the same time. I have been wearing it for years and no matter what, it always works.


Maisha: If you were to trade closets with one person, who would it be and why? 

Hanna: I am obsessed with Miroslava Duma’s style. I love that she can be fresh, elegant, and trendy all at once.

Maisha: Do you have a blog of your own? 

Hanna: Yes! I run a food blog on Instagram called Hanna Munchana, @hannaeatsnyc. I started it in October of 2015.


Maisha: When was the moment when you were like, okay I need to start this blog now?

Hanna: Before moving to the city, I started following a bunch of NYC food blogs so I could begin to research the restaurants I would be eating at (I have always been a bit of a food snob). After a while, I became addicted to looking at pictures of food, and made an Instagram account for a strictly-food-feed. Just on a whim, I counted how many food pictures I had on my phone…over 600. So basically, from that moment, my food blog created itself.


Maisha: Do you have any advice for people who might be interested in doing something similar?

Hanna: My biggest advice is to use original content and to really curate the page to your own aesthetic. People appreciate authenticity. What I love the most about my food blog is that I have actually eaten everything I’ve posted, so when people ask me for recommendations I can be honest.

Maisha: Any food blog must-follows?

Hanna: Yes, I am such a fan of @foodbabyny and @foodie!

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Interviewed by: Maisha Kabir
Styled and Directed by: Lei Jin
Interviewee: Hanna Domit
Photographed by: Alicia Gill