Best Avocado Toast Near Campus: Bluestone Lane

Whether you live close to Washington Square Park or are housing near Astor Place, you’ll always have a place for avocado toast and aesthetically pleasing drinks: Bluestone Lane.

This aussie-owned company was influenced by the “coffee culture hub of Melbourne, Australia, where premium coffee is a way of life” (source: Bluestone Lane). However, I would definitely argue that while this coffee hub does have some of the most delicious drinks in the city (can I say matcha lattes, anyone?), I appreciate it that much more for its “avocado smash.” Those are to die for!

The avocado smash is served on toast from Balthazar (yum!) with tahini, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower sprouts and e.v.o.o. Even better, you also get the choice to add a poached egg and/or smoked salmon. I admit, I always get both. To my gluten free friends, Bluestone Lane also offers gluten free toast!           

Of course, again, you can’t forget about the drinks.

The two locations closest to campus are the coffee shop in Astor Place and the collective café in Greenwich Avenue. The only difference between these two locations is that while the collective café offers brunch and a menu full of options, the coffee shop on Astor offers a small range of choices and no egg or salmon to add to your avocado smash. Besides that let-down, I tend to frequent both locations quite often, and rest assured, I am never disappointed! 


Astor Place:

51 Astor Place

New York, NY 10003

Greenwich Village:

55 Greenwich Ave

New York, NY 10014

Written by: Lauren Sobel