NYU.FASHION x Rogue House Salon

With finals in full steam, it is often difficult as NYU students to find time to take care of ourselves and make sure we’re looking and feeling our best. I had the opportunity to visit stylist Jamielynn De Leon at the Rogue House Salon in the East Village for a hair makeover and am so glad i went! Pamper yourself too: Keep reading for an exclusive discount for NYU students! 

I enter the salon and instantly feel at home as Jamielynn offers me a glass of water and a magazine. The vibe of the parlor is less like that of a typical hair salon and more like a hang-out sesh having a fun time with friends and sharing drinks. There's even a bar to make cocktails!

At this time, my hair is long and dry, long neglected due to my laziness. I don’t put much time or effort into my hair ... My usual routine consists of the absolute minimum, my only hair products being shampoo and conditioner.

Before Jamielynn works her magic.

Before Jamielynn works her magic.


Jamielynn first chops off four inches of my hair while it is still dry. I find this interesting because typically when I get my hair done, my hair is cut after it has been washed. Jamielynn explains that cutting off hair while it is dry allows her to shape and perfect the hair before it is washed and styled, so she has an idea of how the final look will eventually appear. 


Next she washes my hair, massaging conditioning oil into my scalp to rejuvenate my roots. She also applies a keratin treatment to nourish my dry ends to keep my locks feeling soft. After the treatment is washed out, Jamielynn cuts layers to frame my face and gives me a blowout, using a curling iron to style my hair. Afterward, she applies products to make my hair look shiny and polished. I feel like a new woman after my makeover! 

After Jamielynn works her magic!

After Jamielynn works her magic!


Besides haircuts and treatments, Jamielynn also specializes in “balayage,” a major hair dyeing trend that gives a natural, sun-kissed appearance to the hair. I want to try it next time! 

Babylights and balayage.   Image Source

Babylights and balayage. Image Source


Rogue House Salon is located at 76 E 7th St., which is about a 10-minute walk from campus. Booking is available by calling or texting 917-983-9177. Mention NYU.FASHION and show your NYU ID to your stylist to receive a 20% discount off the price of your new 'do!

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Written by: Elizabeth Brill
Photographed and filmed by: Alicia Gill

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