NYU London's One-Stop Shop: Primark

When moving abroad, some of the biggest struggles can be ones that never occurred to you. For me, it was that I didn’t know the U.K. equivalents of all my favorite U.S. shops. While there is only one Forever 21 in all of London and not a single Target, the British have their own version of these college-student favorites: Primark. 

I wish I had known about Primark in my first week here, as the store has everything from winter coats to fairy lights. There are at least two locations within a ten-minute walk from the NYU London academic center. It’s the perfect place to do your dorm and back-to-school clothes shopping, as they have clothing and home goods sections. The Oxford Street East location also has a section dedicated to Harry Potter merchandise – a potential favorite for all of us Potterheads!

Without sacrificing quality or trendiness, Primark products cost a quarter of the price compared to higher end stores. I can find everyday T-shirts and socks here as well as new going-out heels without spending an arm and a leg. Primark’s blog also gives great tips on styling their clothes and stays up to date with British trends!

I also found decorations for my dorm in their massive home goods section. There are cozy throw blankets, plush pillows and walls of sheets and towels all under twenty pounds, or twenty-five dollars, so I don’t feel bad about having to leave mine here at the end of the semester. 

The British aren’t big on catch-all places in the same way Americans are – if you need to pick up a laundry bag, a clubbing dress and a pack of socks you will likely have to go to three different stores and spend a small fortune on public transportation. However, I have found that Primark has everything I need in one place for a low price. Definitely keep it in mind when studying at NYU London – it’s a British favorite and sure to be one of yours too!

Written by: Gabrielle Roehr

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