Vintage Trends for On-Campus Wear

In a past article, we showed you how to style vintage costumes for Halloween. Now, here's how you can continue to include vintage pieces in your casual college outfits. We encourage you to try out these timeless trends from the '50s through the '90s! 

The ‘50s
In the ‘50s, long dresses and skirts were immensely popular in womenswear. A sweater tucked into a long skirt can certainly be recreated into a preppy look today. Secure the skirt with a belt for extra flair. Complete this classy and hassle-free look with a unicolored sweater. You can also choose a shoulderless sweater with a necklace for added effect. For menswear, you can go for a toned-down, 21st century version of the Greaser outfit by getting an oversized coat from a thrift store and pairing it with faded blue jeans and an appropriate amount of hair gel.


The ‘60s and ‘70s
The ‘60s and ‘70s were well known for bizarre trends but some can still be reused to make our day-to-day more interesting. You can include some accessories with geometric patterns, such as ‘60s mod earrings from Etsy and/or a pair of tall white boots to pair with a sweater dress. For men’s fashion, try Bob Dylan’s timeless look-a black shirt with polka dots, black jacket, skinny jeans and leather boots.


The ‘80s
The ‘80s may have boasted many funky trends, but there are also tamer ones that are more appropriate for wearing to your class in Silver. Put on a graphic tee with baggy jeans and a belt to achieve a casual, unisex Pat Cleveland look.


The ‘90s
Crop tops and chokers have already made a comeback in the 2010s, but there are other early ‘90s trends that you can incorporate into your college lookbook. The checkered skirt can easily be included in any school-day with knee-high socks. In retrospect, the ‘90s was not exactly the most dashing fashion decade for men (as you know from Clueless), but you can still go for the iconic Johnny Depp look with a brown blazer, necklace and belted black jeans.

If you are looking to switch your wardrobe up, bring in more vintage clothing and accessories that are not only school appropriate, but are also easy to style. Sometimes a little change can go a long way, and what is old can bring out the new in you.

Written by: Yimin Huang

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