NYU Paris: Thom Browne x Colette: The Future is Grey, but by no Means is it Boring

Following his recent smash hit at Fashion Week, Thom Browne has taken over famed Paris concept store, colette, with his new collaboration: The Future is Grey

        The Future is Grey could be considered a capsule collection; however, with over two-hundred products, including a line of surfboards, the title hardly seems fitting. Despite the quintessential Parisian nature of colette, for the duration of the takeover, the store’s second floor has been transformed into an emporium of Americana. The line employs Browne’s signature grey as a building block to take prep-chic to a new level, mixing various hues of Browne’s moniker pigment with stripes and plaid galore. 


The vestments concentrate largely on tailored suits, which are Browne’s area of expertise, but range from formal wear to athleisure to sleepwear. The compilation of garments has great variation, but is tied together through structure, textile and most importantly by the collection’s canine mascot, Hector Browne, a dachshund whose silhouette is found as a pattern on suit and sleepwear alike.


colette is nothing short of miraculous in its steadfast maximalist approach to collaboration (they have a bar that offers over one hundred brands of water, which pretty much says everything you need to know about their aesthetic). In store, each division of attire is clearly situated in a fitting mock environment. 


The Future is Grey set is complete with everything from a bedroom to an office, not to mention the installation of the enormous unicorn fresh off Thom Browne’s latest runway. This collaboration is one for the books – a perfect blend of killer style and kickass presentation culminating in one hell of a capsule collection.


Written and Photographed by: Corinne Worthington

Denise TienComment