#TBT: Summer of Love at NYU Paris

Autumn may be in full swing, but even in the height of midterm season New York’s warm weather keeps summer on our minds.

Looking to reminisce, NYU.Fashion met up with two students who shared their summer studying experimental film at NYU Paris. Greg Contaldi, NYU, and Maddie Goldberg, Pace University, talked to us about finding love in Paris and bringing it back to New York City, inspiring us to carry the joys of our summers well into the school year. 


Katie: What drew both of you to NYU’s experimental film program in Paris? Are your academics concentrated around film?

Greg: I’m a Film & TV Major at Tisch. Before this summer, I only had four credits left until I could graduate and [the program] was the last course that I needed to fulfill all of my requirements.
I was actually gonna do a documentary program in Germany, but it got canceled because not enough people signed up. So I put in a last minute application for Paris and … it worked out!


Maddie: My academic concentration is Film, but I’ve also been doing projects on the side – promotional videos for various companies. I love film – I got into experimental film in Paris. 

Katie: How did you two meet and when did you start dating?

Maddie: I was studying at Pace University and applied to this program through NYU as a visiting student. Before we got to Paris, I didn’t know anybody because I was from a different school. I made a little Facebook group and got everybody talking, so it’s not like I didn’t know who Greg was when we got to the program; we had talked a little bit.
The first time we saw each other it was as if we had always known each other. It really wasn’t like meeting someone for the first time – I don’t know, I can’t really describe it. From there on out we kind of were together every single day. [Laughter]
We went to class together, we did everything together. Our mutual love of film is definitely part of the glue that holds us together. We can do film-nerd talk with each other, which I can’t do with a majority of the guys who I meet.

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Katie: What were your favorite moments, events or projects throughout the program?

Greg: We lived in a pretty residential area. There were a lot of families; you could compare it to a Brooklyn-type area. Our dorms were right by Parc Montsouris and we spent a lot of time at the cafés in that area just walking the streets. There was a lot of walking to and from class together, but even outside of class we worked on each other’s projects – we actually shared a camera kit with each other. 

Maddie: [Laughter] Yeah, we did everything together.

Greg: I did leave and go to Luxembourg for two days, and those were the two days I didn’t see her.

Maddie: Yeah – I missed you!


Katie: How did you guys know that your relationship was going to last after Paris? Did you experience any shifts in your dynamic when you both moved back to New York?

Greg: I mean it’s weird, meeting someone and only knowing them in a foreign country. Coming back to New York the first time, it was a little strange seeing Maddie with a different backdrop behind her. 
Nothing else really changed. The first time I talked to her she told me she was the biggest Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, so that caught my attention immediately. I know no one’s a bigger Curb fan than myself, so …

Maddie: He’s so wrong.

Greg: … I sent her pictures of my room and my house with Larry David all over it and then she told me she only saw one season of the show, so. [Laughter] When she got back she started watching it so that, uh, kept me interested in her I guess. [Laughter]

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Maddie: A lot of aspects of our relationship fit and flow very well together and just … work. I didn’t really have to think “would we still be together?”  We started planning for after Paris without even thinking about it. 
It happened very naturally, mentioning “oh, yeah, when we’re back in New York,” I wanna hang out with this guy every freaking day. It was never really a question.
The program was incredible and it changed my life, it really did. I learned a lot about what I’m passionate about and what I love, and, well, I fell in love. [Laughter] So, yeah, it really was amazing. I’ve been on a high from it ever since.

Interviewed by: Katherine Borkov
Photographed by: Alicia Gill

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