Five Independent Fashion Brands to try out This Fall

Tired of shopping at the same clothing stores in Soho after class? Bored of overly-established brands that everyone else wears? Longing to try out some emerging, independent fashion brands in the fall? We present to you a list that may just lead to your new fashion getaway.

1. Arissa X

“An Arissa X girl is neither perfect nor premeditated. X.” Such is the tagline for Arissa X, an independent fashion label started just last year by Arissa Cheo, a fashion entrepreneur from Singapore. Though known primarily to some for her relationship with former Asian boy band member Vanness Wu, her clothing brand is equally, if not more, defining. From ‘70s rock n’ roll with a grunge twist to brightly-colored athleisure, Arissa X steps beyond basics to showcase the creativity of its designer. Have a look for yourself at

2. The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids

This is an emerging fashion label that, true to its name, carries designs from the mystical world of mermaids. From temporary tattoos to beanies, T-shirts to denim jackets, bikinis to skater skirts, New York based designer Francki Michel incorporates details of zesty sea creatures, mermaids and pastel colors to express youthful playfulness and vitality. The rave denim jacket with fur and pink sequined skirt are primed to become classics. Michel hopes the brand will connect to girls who have experienced feeling out of place in their own worlds, just like The Little Mermaid as she transitioned into adulthood. Visit for more mermaid vibes.

3. Cease N Desist

Cease N Desist is an emerging streetwear brand that prides itself on an eclectic collection from unisex jackets and T-shirts to headwear and accessories. Established in 2012, Cease N Desist designers constantly resist the flow to allow the grittiness of street style to meet the glitz and glamour of high fashion. Notable pieces include the racer denim and bomber pants (actual name). Check them out and discover more at

4. North Hill
North Hill is a unisex (but mainly menswear) label that hails from northern Paris, established by Christophe, Michael and Zihad. Influenced by the artists and rebels in their midst, these designers strive to bridge the aesthetic appeal of fashion with the values of liberty and humanism, producing pieces such as the Revolte hoodie and artist’s tee, amongst other fine products. If you stand by the same values, check out to find the fashion that represents you.
 north hill.jpg 

5. _Scapes NY
_Scapes NY is an independent fashion label established by Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik in 2015. It specializes in creating womenswear that reflect the ease and style of menswear, establishing a balance through opposites. Girls who want to flaunt their tomboy side and “externalize their inner cool”, as official website puts it, this is the brand for you. They also have a studio based in Brooklyn on 59 Jefferson St. Suite 207, NY 11206.

Equipped with this list of independent fashion labels, you now know where to proceed when the known labels fail to satisfy your voracious appetite for new clothes. Also, life is too short not to try something new!

Written by: Yimin Huang

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