NYU London: Bloomsbury Coffee Shops

The NYU London academic center is found in the heart of Bloomsbury, a charming and historic London neighborhood that is just down the street from several of the city’s universities and the British Museum. Bloomsbury is full of bustling college students, beautiful parks and most importantly: quaint cafes. Check out these perfect places for getting work done when the library is too quiet, you need your caffeine fix or you’re sick of being in the academic center. 

Yumchaa has two locations within walking distance of the NYU London academic center and is famous for its huge selection of loose leaf tea. The baristas are passionate and knowledgeable about their craft and have plenty of tea recommendations if you tell them what you’re looking for. If you find a brew you love, you can order it online or keep coming back. Their cozy shops are perfect to get your work done and sip the day away!  

TY Seven Dials
TY Seven Dials is a ten-minute walk from the academic center, and once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave. Infused with rustic charm, the basement is fully packed with mismatched armchairs and steamer trunks in lieu of tables, and the baristas bring you your coffee on a wooden tray. Beyond being the perfect backdrop for your #STUDYaway Instagram post, TY Seven Dials also serves all day breakfast!  

Bloomsbury Coffee House
Around the corner from British Museum and down a flower-lined flight of stairs is Bloomsbury Coffee Shop. Though it looks small from above, once you go belowground, you’ll find plenty of seats. There will likely be stressed college students, as this cafe is just across the street from University College London and University of London. The interior is cozy, the food is delicious and the tables outside are perfect for soaking up some rare London sunshine and catching up with friends between classes.

Leyas is in Camden, London’s bohemian quarter, but just a ten-minute walk from the academic center. Their espresso drinks, tea lattes and pastries are mouth-watering, but the best part of this cafe is definitely the weekend brunch menu that includes eggs benedict, avocado toast and porridge with homemade fruit jam that are Insta-worthy and so delicious! Be warned, Leyas does not offer Wi-Fi, so if you’re looking to do homework, make sure it is something that can be done offline!


As somebody who hates tea and needs coffee to survive, I was worried that I would have to spend my study away experience suffering from caffeine withdrawals. Fortunately, Brits make surprisingly great coffee; and while I don’t think I’ll ever learn to love tea, I have come to appreciate a chai latte made with real tea rather than a bottle of flavoring. So whether you like coffee, tea or pastries, give these local cafes a shot – you won’t be disappointed.

Written by: Gabrielle Roehr

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