How to Dress More Like Rihanna This Spring 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a long-time dominator of the music and fashion industry and most recently the cosmetic industry with the launch of her new makeup line “Fenty,” has continued to push the boundaries of pop culture ever since her breakthrough in 2007. So it was no surprise that on Sept. 10 during her Fenty Puma show for New York Fashion Week, she shocked and wowed with her bold and edgy street style designs.

NYU students are notorious for fearless approaches to style. This Puma collection provides inspiration for risk-taking fashion choices that can be incorporated into your everyday looks. If you are interested in looking as iconic as Rihanna on your way to class, an internship or job, refer to this list of trends she established with Fenty Puma SS18. 

Cropped Athleisure
The latest movement in fashion for the past few years has been incorporating athletic wear into everyday looks. This is great for class because of the relaxed fit. Cropped hoodies and windbreakers are both easy to wear but are a more fashionable option than sweatpants when looking for comfort.   

Bright Colors
Just like everything else in Rihanna’s career, her clothes don’t go under the radar. This spring, stand out among others by opting for bold colors that make a statement. You can choose to highlight one particular shade in your outfit, or combine multiple acidic hues to add a color-blocking effect to your look.  

You probably never thought that you would want to dress like a motorcyclist. But Rihanna incorporates the motocross style seamlessly with neoprene tops, bodysuits and leather. This edgy style embodies the entirety of the Fenty Puma SS18 collection – a line that celebrates the rebellious individuality of the modern New York City woman. Motocross can easily be styled into everyday wear with items like moto jackets, boots and nylon track pants.  

However you decide to dress in NYC this spring, make sure you do so with confidence. Just like Rihanna’s street wear does, never be afraid to make a bold statement. As long as you have the right attitude, you can pull off anything. Rihanna, as she closed her show by racing down the runway on a motorbike over clouds of pink sand, certainly proves that.

Written by: Elizabeth Brill

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