Fall Style Tips for Small Space Living

As someone who has mastered the art of organizing four seasons’ worth of clothes with essentially negative closet space, I have found that there are staple pieces that are must-haves. Whether you’re in a dorm or off campus, these style tips and tricks will take your style from summer without having to turn to Manhattan Mini Storage.


Transition Fabrics
When it’s not too cold but not too hot, transition fabrics are lifesavers. Be on the lookout for a quality denim jacket or trendy corduroy pants. They will come in handy when you’re sick of continually swapping clothes from your under-bed storage to your dresser!


The Beauty of Bed Risers
Bed risers, especially the ones with outlets, will give you much more space for your bulky winter wardrobe. Utilizing the vertical space in your apartment is a must considering space in New York is precious. Your freshman year bed risers are just as relevant to an off-campus apartment!


Rolling Your Clothes
Rolling your clothes rather than folding them shouldn’t just apply to packing in a suitcase. Doing this in your dresser as well as in your under-bed storage will save you tons of space!

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Non-ripped Jeans
Although ripped boyfriend jeans were a summer classic, they aren’t the best transition pieces for fall. Non-ripped jeans are just as stylish and provide the perfect way to minimize your denim collection. 


With sweater weather almost upon us, it’s time to give our closet an organizational upgrade. Dorms and off campus apartments are notoriously cramped, but these trips and tricks will help you utilize your minimal space wisely!

Written by: Shreya Jois

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