Get Hired this Holiday: 5 Tips for Applying for Internships this Break

As finals season comes to an end and winter break commences (who else sighed in relief while reading that sentence?), it’s time to start applying for summer internships! It might seem early, but any insider or employeer in the fashion industry will tell you that this is the time to start applying for the summer term. Here are some tips that I have learned and want to share on how to best get through this process and acquire the internship of your dreams!

1. Make an Excel spreadsheet of all of the companies you want to intern for. The only way you are going to succeed in the internship application process is by being organized. Find at least 10-20 internships to apply for (and want to actually want to get!) and all of the necessary information to apply for these internships successfully. Put the following in your Excel sheet: Company, Contact Person, Contact Email, Application Materials, Deadline/Application Date, Follow-Up Date, and Internship Decision.



2. Make sure your resume is up-to-date, succinct, and aesthetically pleasing. You want to make the best first impression possible with the internship coordinator or potential employer at your dream company. Include all of your recent, relevant experience in a short and comprehensive way. Employers tend to only look at your resume for 30-60 seconds, so you need to grab their attention! Correspondingly, this is why an aesthetically pleasing resume is important. Its a great way to catch his or her eye immediately, before even reading about your achievements.

3. Tailor your resume (and cover letter, if applicable) to the internship posting. This may seem obvious, but something we sometimes just don’t think about. Even if you see why you are right for an internship position, you need to make this connection explicit to the employer. All of the internship duties and qualifications should be mentioned in some way on your resume and cover letter.



4. Follow up two weeks after you applied for an internship (or after the deadline), if you have not already gotten a response This shows your proactivity and that you really want this internship. Doing this makes it less likely that your application will get lost in someone’s inbox containing hundreds of applications.

5. When you get an offer for an interview, always take it and prepare. It is important to take every opportunity in this industry to meet potential employers and colleagues. Do a few practice interviews with a friend or family member (you can look up general questions through career, internship, or fashion-related websites). It is important to learn how to pitch to a company and differentiate yourself. Everyone is unique and special: what makes you the best fit for this position? Take the time to figure this out early in the game, it will definitely help.

Have an amazing winter break everyone, we made it!

Written by: Elisa Lewittes