Thrifting Around Campus

Whether you’re rushing to get last-minute gifts or trying to scrape together a little something for yourself with whatever funds remain after your holiday shopping, turning to thrift shops is a great way to maximize your money.

Of course, even the most reputable thrift shops have off days, so NYU.Fashion has compiled a list of the best thrift shops around campus to keep you from spending your shopping day fruitlessly sifting through miles upon miles of throwaway clothes.

Housing Works

130 Crosby St, SoHo

If you’re looking to get last season’s designer goods for a lower price (think $65 McQueen pants and $45 Barney’s velvet blazers,) this is the spot. You can also find your typical funky button downs and run-of-the-mill sweaters and cardigans anywhere from $10-$20, but if you’re looking for goods on the cheaper side, it’s less likely that you’ll find something truly unique. The store isn’t too large, making it easy to navigate, and it has it’s own bookstore café right next door which is an excellent place for a pause in the midst of a long day of thrifting!

Buffalo Exchange

332 E. 11th St, East Village

Buffalo Exchange is known to be picky when it comes to accepting donations, so the store’s wide array of pieces is typically pretty trendy and on the cheaper side. While most of the store’s items resemble chic resale Forever21 and Zara pieces, designer bargains are almost always hidden amongst them. The space is large and well-organized, which makes the thrifting experience somewhat easier; due to the sheer size of the store’s inventory, however, it is likely that you will have to do some searching in order to pick out a few golden pieces.


84 E 7th St, Ukrainian Village

Unlike most thrift stores, AuH2O houses its wares in a notably small space. It is cozy, however, and amongst the exposed brick walls and stylish furniture the shop boasts organization, low prices, and a stylish jewelry section. There is typically a rack outside of the store displaying items priced at $5, and a rack of $10 items inside. The store’s size and pricing makes it a great stop on your shopping spree that doesn’t involve sifting through piles of clothing or blowing big bucks.


44 W 8th St, Greenwich Village

Hardly unknown to the general NYU populous, the trusty Goodwill that sits by the corner of Washington Square Park just had to make it’s way onto this list, one way or another. On the larger side of thrift stores, this store can satisfy the clothing needs of any thrifter; it typically houses an impressive collection of men’s shirts and jackets, and countless designer steals that aren’t too hard to find! ($25 for a Tahari jacket? Yes, please!) All clothes are marked by different color tags, and every week, a different color of tag goes on sale. There is also a 10% discount for all NYU students on Saturdays, so make sure to bring your ID along if you’re shopping on a weekend!

Written by: Katherine Borkov