Glossier Showroom: Open for Business

Here to grace the streets of SoHo forevermore, Glossier is a skincare brand born online at the hands of CEO Emily Weiss. The company’s skyrocket rise to popularity can be partially attributed to its strong instagram presence, among other things. Their gorgeous feed is populated by a scheme of pastels and soothing neutrals, and the brand’s aesthetically pleasing packaging and marketing tactics have established the Glossier image across various social media platforms.

Exemplary of their clean-cut branding, Glossier emphasizes that beauty can be attained through cleanliness and enhancing one's natural skin as opposed to masking it. The company focuses on empowering women to embrace their appearances by keeping their bare faces healthy; their motto is “Skin first. Makeup second.”

While the brand’s products have been sold exclusively online since it’s launch, Glossier has been known to open up its New York City showroom, located at 123 Lafayette St between Howard and Canal, to shoppers for limited periods of time.

While previously one could only get a glimpse into the pristine showroom when the brand was celebrating the release of a new product, the store is now open to stay. Glossier recently announced that the penthouse is going to be permanently open to the public, an opportunity which New Yorkers are going to be grateful for.

After stepping into the elevator and going up to the “PH” level, the doors open and customers are greeted by warm and helpful staff clad in pink jumpsuits and white sneakers. As expected, the angelic space boasts white and pink walls, a comfy seating area, and of course a plethora of skincare and makeup products of various purposes.

All of Glossier’s products are available at the penthouse, and keeping with the brand’s objective of open communication between company and customer, the cheerful employees are especially helpful in offering in-store samples and recommendations. Customers are encouraged to try any product available at the store; there is even a sink and wash-area against one wall where patrons can apply face masks.

The store is open from 12pm to 8pm on weekdays, 11am-7pm Saturday, and 11am-6pm Sunday, so if you’ve been feeling drained from this week of finals and need to kick back and revitalize, a stop at the Glossier showroom is a surefire way to get your glow on!

Written by: Katherine Borkov