Fashion Against Bullying

Ft. Miss New York and Joe Galazy

Ft. Miss New York and Joe Galazy


With the greatest fashion event of the year aka NYFW happening, NYU.FASHION wasn’t up for missing any of it. Last Wednesday we were invited to A Cosmo Life’s event ‘Fashion Against Bullying’ — a wonderful cause which shams bullying right at its core.

The event was hosted by the beautiful Jordana Hazan — founder of A Cosmo Life and was held at The Attic NYC — the official sponsor of the event. All the purple and pink hues and exotic theme of the party only added to the glitz and glam of the night. The brilliant DJ Yoshi sure knew how to keep the crowd on its toes with the great music and of course there was the amazingly talented Joe Galaxy, who gave a live performance of his current hit single “Drinkin The Night Away.” He was also kind enough to donate 200 bespoke tees made specially for the ‘Fashion Against Bullying’ cause. The place was filled with all kinds of extremely talented people: the stunning Serena Bucaj (Miss New York USA 2016), Martha Luna (editor in chief of MDOLLNYC) and stylist/designer Steve Boi, to name a few. There were also several amazing brands featured at the party, including Knot + Bow Jewelry, Linell Ellis, MAIOUN, Zacasha, Glitz Entertainment, Point Ashley and MALAQUITA. The event was sponsored by The William, Christo Fifth Avenue, King Displays and MSA Models — they even sent one of their plus size models, Lauren Karaman, also a body advocate, who posed throughout the evening in a nude leotard on which guests were encouraged to write a positive message of love on her body. So inspirational!

When asked about how the event and this cause came about, Jordana Hazan was kind enough to converse with us — “I came up with the ‘Fashion Against Bullying’ concept for New York Fashion Week, because I was bullied from the age of 12 to 17 due to being chubby and not having perfect hair, etc. The bullying was from kids who went to school with me. Due to the mean words, I went through anorexia and had a lot of self-esteem issues. Luckily, I overcame the anorexia and became a stronger person at the end, realizing that beauty is within all of us in different ways. Recently I became pregnant with a baby girl. I am now 16-weeks pregnant and when the thought of her being bullied came to me, I decided I had to do something to make a difference. This is where ‘Fashion Against Bullying’ by A Cosmo Life came to mind. I want to thank everyone who made this incredible evening possible.  My next project being launched is 'A Cosmo Family,' a blog talking about families living a cosmopolitan lifestyle. More to come!”

We had such a fun time at the event and we’re definitely going to be keeping an eye out for Jordana’s next project! Make sure you do too!

Written by: Maisha Kabir