Christmas Chic: Holiday Outfits for Every Occasion

Now that we are finally well into December, we can all show off the holiday spirit. No matter which holiday(s) you celebrate, the month of December is always filled with festive activities and events. Here is some outfit inspiration for any seasonal event. 

1. Holiday Party

Whether the dress code is “ugly” Christmas sweaters or glam holiday attire, we got you covered (well, outfitted) for these festivities.

2. Window Shopping

We all wish that we could afford the designer items we lust over in the department store windows, but, don’t worry, the ensembles you can wear while looking at these high-end items can be just as chic, and way more affordable! 

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 12.27.48 PM.png

3. Seasonal Baking

Being cozy while making some holiday treats and drinking hot chocolate is a must. Here are some comfy chic clothes to wear while baking christmas cookies and cooking potato latkes. 

4. Ice Skating

It’s freezing out so when you’re ice skating, it’s especially important to stay warm. However, you still want to be able to move around on the ice. Cozy knitwear and a heavy jacket are the perfect sartorial staples to pair with your skates! 

5. Holiday Shopping

While picking out some gifts for your loved ones (and probably yourself also), wear some luxe looks to get yourself in the holiday spirit. 

Hopefully the holiday cheer will motivate everyone through finals season. Good luck to everyone and, remember, there are only a couple more weeks left until winter break! 

Written by: Elisa Lewittes