NYX Cosmetics Opens New Store Near Campus

You’re groggily going through your morning makeup routine and–eughyour trusty old gel eyeliner pen dies immediately after you finish one–just one–perfectly shaped wing. Mondays, am I right?

You’re busily getting ready for a night out, rushing to the bathroom with a hairdryer in one hand and your makeup bag in the other when–are you kidding me?your highlighter slips right out of your hands and shatters onto the floor. Who has the time for all of that fix-it-yourself DIY business when you’re already running ten minutes late?!

Bless our messy souls, NYX Cosmetics has come to the rescue. It’s unsurprising that the company chose New York City as the location for their first flagship store, but it’s phenomenally convenient that it is located on the corner of East 17th and Union Square West, just off of NYU’s campus. I had a chance to learn a bit more about what makes the store special from one of the employees, Crystal, during its opening weekend, which lasted from October 28th to 30th. 

The store’s Beauty Bar marks the company’s first venture into offering in-store beauty services, so if you ever need an emergency quick-fix for your night-out makeup, want to get jazzed up for a special event, or just feel like treating yourself for a day, their professional staff is there to help you achieve whatever look you’re going for. 

The Union Square location is stocked with every type of beauty product that one can think of, brushes and boxes included. Because the location is a flagship, the newest NYX products will always be available at the store before they hit the shelves of any other location that carries the brand. 

In addition to the sheer quantity of products available, NYX Cosmetics offers impressive opportunities for customization whenever possible. Part of the flagship’s vast inventory features an eyeshadow bar that allows customers to construct their own palettes from whatever range or variety of shades that they’d like; a four-shadow palette is only $12, and a nine-shadow palette costs $28. (Sidenote: the pricing of all their products fits perfectly into a tight student budget!)

The company’s penchant for innovation stretches even further. The flagship offers an entirely new shopping experience backed by technology; iPads are set up by the beauty bar so that customers can watch makeup tutorials while experimenting with samples. The eyeshadow and lip bars allow one to digitally browse and choose the shades that they would like. Once the shades are selected, a light appears up the chosen products, allowing one to easily retrieve their chosen shades without having to search throughout the wall of products. 

The employees are as friendly, attentive and helpful as can be, and take all stress out of the often overwhelming experience of entering a bustling makeup store. I also must mention that NYX Cosmetics is 100% cruelty-free, meaning that the company does not test any of their products on animals.

Ethical, affordable, and right nearby, a visit to the NYX Cosmetics flagship is certainly a must in fulfilling any NYU student’s fall/winter beauty needs. (A tried and tested tip: nude-toned lips are in this season; whether you typically go for softer neutral or a darker, bolder hue, NYX’s nude-toned liquid lipsticks are to die for.) 

Happy shopping!

Written by: Katherine Borkov