Stop Selling Yourself Short!

5 tips on how to dress with a short stature

You’re on the shorter side, and if living the vertically-challenged lifestyle wasn’t enough, you have to deal with the struggles of finding flattering fashion for your body in an industry of 5’11 models–trust me, I totally get it. But while I can’t guarantee that your extremely high tailoring expenses will ever shrink, I can offer you a few fashion tips I’ve learned for the cause over the years: 

i. Keep your pants at a slim fit

First and foremost, baggy pants will forever be your arch enemy, so it’s best to steer clear at all costs. Stick with skinny jeans, straight-legged pants, or cigarette trousers–all with a mid to high waist to create the illusion that you have longer legs. Also, don’t be shy to add a little above-the-ankle crop action to your pants, as showing that little bit of your leg elongates them that much more!

ii. Never live halfway

Source:   Pinkpeonies

Source: Pinkpeonies

Again, you may be short, but at least you can work heels whenever you want! If you’re looking to add some height and look more lengthy, pointed-toe heels are the way to go. For a more casual look, block heels will be your best friends. And if you’re always wanting to add a little height in the most casual of outfits like me, try platform sneakers.

iii. Tops, Jackets and Sweaters should not fall below your hips

One easy mistake I always catch other short girls making is wearing a top, jacket, or sweater that reaches past their hips. Doing this can really shorten those stems that, *sigh* are already shorter than you’d like them to be; don’t fret, because cropped versions of these articles of clothing are luckily super popular and easy to find.  

iv. Colors and Patterns

Colors and patterns can be tricky for short beauties like us. The wrong color can make your legs appear bigger, and an all-over patterned outfit can swallow your tiny body whole. For pants, I find that darker colors tend to always be more slimming and therefore flattering. As for patterns, it’s best to choose one or the other–a top with a pattern or bottoms with a pattern. But the most important thing I could ever tell you is to stay away from horizontal stripes. They will ruin you. #noexaggeration 

v. Keep it short

While maxi dresses and maxi skirts are the exceptions, anything that ends below the knee is sure to make you appear shorter. Truth is, the shorter the skirt, dress, or shorts, the longer the legs. Try an A-line mini skirt, and I promise it will do you wonders!

Sure, you’re short, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from looking fabulous. Maybe you still feel that achieving long-looking legs is hopeless, but I promise you, dressing for your own body type can make the biggest of differences!    


Written by: Lauren Sobel