Groove-ing With Social Influencer Ellery Lee

As everyone’s favorite NYC fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw once said it best: "Sometimes it's really hard to walk in a (single) woman's shoes. That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun." We’re not ones to need a good excuse to buy shoes, but in case you do we’ve got you covered: 

NYU.Fashion is having it’s very first holiday hangout in New York this Thursday in collaboration with Groove Footwear, and we can’t wait to jingle and mingle with all of you. We can’t make any promises, but you might just walk out with a new pair of kicks on your feet (and goodies in hand)! What’s that, it gets even better?! We’ll be joined by awesome creative speakers including super-blogger Ellery Lee and were even lucky enough to catch up with her beforehand to talk (and walk) a day in her shoes.

PC: Sam Trance

PC: Sam Trance

Maisha: Define your style.

Elle: My style is quite feminine and sweeping. On some days it would be full of grand gestures with a bold statement piece whether it is a deep red moto jacket or glass heel latex shoes. Other days, I love to just brunch and go with with a pair of skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, some cool reflective shades, and call it a day. I dress the life I want, not the life I have. My sense of fashion isn't partially root in. I'd wear five-inch heels to walk a marathon if I could. I would never develop a signature style because I have too much fun mixing it up. 

Maisha: Biggest fashion inspiration?

Elle: Staying true to your style is more important than paying attention to a dress code. 

Maisha: Favorite designers? 

Elle: Isabel Marant- absolutely adore the mix of texture in their pieces, mixing velvet with leather collar on their jackets for example. Zimmermann- each piece contains professionalism and sophisticated elements without ever feeling stuffy. 

Maisha: Ma90s grunge or 60s glam?

Elle: 90s grunge

Maisha: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?

Elle: Audrey, my queen. 

Maisha: What's the biggest 'stayer' of the season?

Elle: The biggest stayer of the season would be faux fur. New York is getting colder, and I'm seeing more and more people rocking the faux fur trend. I'm obsessed with incorporating faux fur in my wardrobe now!

PC: Sam Trance

PC: Sam Trance

Maisha: What is something that will never make way to your closet?

Elle: Exotic high heels that are not realistically walkable. (Serious cringe when models fall on the runway in crazy heels!) 

Maisha: What’s the best piece of fashion/style item you own?

Elle: The best piece will also be my my leather jackets. It definitely spices and vamps up a look and I love to effortlessness of throwing on a leaner jacket and just head out the door. 

Maisha: How did you get started on Instagram blogging? What’s the best part about it?

Elle: I got started 4 and a half years ago with positing just mirror outfit selfies. Once that got an attention, I continued to post more and more. The more response I got, the more serious I took it. I loved hear feedback in the comments. It has now become a more lifestyle outlet for me as I post about fashion, food, beauty, and travels on my page now. It gives my viewers a better chance to get to know me better. The best part about it is hearing the positive feedback through the comments or through DM. I love creating content to make my audience happy to see and hear about. 

PC: Sam Trance

PC: Sam Trance

Maisha: What is it about Groove Footwear that made you want to collaborate with them?

Elle: When I first heard about Groove Footwear, I thought it was a fun and flirty brand. I loved the range of different styles where I can imagine myself wearing their shoes to a work meeting or to a music festival. Their collection is so versatile and I felt that my style definitely related to their aesthetic.

Maisha: What’s different about Groove Footwear?

Elle: Groove Footwear mixes modern with a chic touch of femininity. I love how a Groove Girl can sport Groove shoes from a meeting straight to a party or festival. Also, their prices are so affordable compared to other shoe brand out in the market now. Never doubt their comfortability. I have never wore a heel for more than 6 hours and my feet are still fine. I wore the Kat boots if you were wondering. You really get the bang for your buck with Groove Footwear. Super tailored for students and college gals!

PC: Sam Trance

PC: Sam Trance

Maisha: What’s your go-to shoe type?

Elle: Easy, my go to shoe type is a comfortable heel height (nothing higher than 3 inches), closed toes. Mules are currently my faves for the season! The Soila and Kat are practically my everyday shoes now from Groove- so comfy!

Maisha: Do you have any favorites from the brand, or any must-haves?

Elle: My top 3 favorites from the brand are Kat, Soila, and Anette. These 3 heels are by far the most comfortable heels ever. I can honestly dance in them and my feet will still be fine. Never have I gotten a bruise from these shoes!

PC: Sam Trance

PC: Sam Trance

Maisha: Do you have any advice for people who want to create content on a platform such as Instagram?

Elle: One key thing is to stay consistent with your feed and find your own style that you want to demonstrate through your page. It is highly important to first figure out how you want to theme of your page to be or how you want to portray your photos to your viewers. I absolutely adore the whole black and white theme on other people's pages, however through the years, I got to figure out my own sense of style and I love color (which explains why my page can be quite colorful) I love adding pops of color in my photos, and just life in general. Be consistent to grow a demographic of viewers that can relate to you and your style. 

Ellery Lee

Lifestyle Influencer / Style Consultant / Brand Ambassador

Instagram / Twitter : @elleisalwayshere

Photographed by: Sam Trance

Styled by: Ashley Bao

Article by: Annika Lange

Interviewed by: Maisha Kabir