OTKBs: Let’s Style Them Right!

Julia Roberts’ iconic over-the-knee boots, seen here in the advertisement for Pretty Woman (1990,) inspired Stuart Wietzman’s famed over-the-knee Highland boot.

Over-the-knee boots are back, and you better be ecstatic about it! Glamorous and capable of creating insanely flattering leg-lines without letting your calves freeze off in the colder months, these boots are a daring yet versatile addition to any fall wardrobe. It is not often that one is able to tread within that glorious intersection between comfort and style, so fashionistas everywhere have been trying to take advantage of the trend while they can.

It is true, however, that the piece requires commitment. Stuart Wietzman considers his Highland boot to be one of the most exceptional styles that he has ever created, and few would dare say otherwise–these boots draw well-deserved attention. Contrary to popular belief, however, you don’t have to go all-in on the Julia Roberts look; here are three easy ways to brush off your intimidation and embrace the power of over-the-knee boots this season.

For Class

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.05.18 AM.png

For the perfect way to add a little sophistication to your weekday autumn look, pair these daring boots with your favorite comfy sweater (I personally am a fan of chunky turtlenecks). Whether you choose to tuck the top into a loose skirt or let it hang over a fitted one, simple and unprinted skirts can be paired with patterned tights for an added visual component. Fit your textbooks and laptop into a black tote, and you’re ready for Monday!

For the Weekends

After a blissful extra hour or two of sleep–oh no, wait. You’ve somehow managed to sleep in even later than you were supposed to, and now, of course, you’re late. Whether you’re running from brunch with the girls to a museum date (with, okay, maybe a short shopping spree squeezed in-between) or from your weekend job to a coffee shop study session (plus errands, errands, errands!) the all-black ensemble never fails.

Effortlessly pair these boots with a trusted pair of jeans and a basic long sleeve shirt to stay comfy and stylish whether you’re taking a day off or staying on top of the grind. Have the boots take a backseat from the attention by choosing a statement coat or jacket. Find a striking color or print that expresses your personal tastes (I’ve found that red never fails) and accessorize to your heart’s content with sunglasses or a bold lip (or both!) for a chic and untouchable on-the-move weekend look.

For the Nights

Alright, I know I said that you didn’t have to go all-in on the Julia Roberts look, but go big or go home, right? Let’s be honest, if you’re rocking these shoes after the sun sets, you just can’t go for an understated look. Throw your inhibitions to the wind and embrace the glamour of these boots by pairing them with a faux fur jacket; this sumptuous combo is just OTT enough to make you stand out in a crowd of partygoers–not to mention the much-needed warmth that it provides when the temperature drops and the winds pick up. A pair of fishnets and a choker add a much-needed grungy kick to the ensemble, which is pulled together of course by either a loose or fitted trusty LBD for those ready-for-anything types of evenings.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.24.53 AM.png


Model: Corinne Worthington, Instagram: @corinneworthington

Written by: Katherine Borkov

Photos by: Stephanie Pan