Music Festivals: Let’s Spice It Up!

Are you going to a music festival soon, but have no idea how to make your look original?  I totally get it: music festivals are a chance for you to show your individuality, but how?!  Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve created this list to help you stand out in the crowd.

#1:  Face Jewels/Glitter

PC The Cool Hour I  Lenni  Shop I Mr Kate

PC The Cool Hour I Lenni Shop I Mr Kate

Embellish your best aspects by jeweling up your face! This is my favorite thing to do, especially since it’s completely customizable, and affordable. Stop by your nearest art supply store, buy some stick on jewels, and create your own design. If you want to go for a more shimmery look, find a color of glitter that compliments your eyes or skin color, and apply it on your cheekbones (as in photo on the top right) with a hair gel or hairspray.   

#2: Stand-Out Shades

PC Shopzerouv I Ninjacosmino

PC Shopzerouv I Ninjacosmino

If it’s not raining outside, you’re bound to need some sunglasses at some point of the day.  Forget about your everyday shades. Instead, why not wear a pair that will add even more pizazz to your look? Personally, I love me some round or cat-eye shades for a festival!  

#3: A Hot Hairstyle

PC ASOS I  PeachLuster

PC ASOS I PeachLuster

Music festivals give you the chance to try out that “out there” hairstyle you’ve been wanting to try. If you’re not quite sure what that hairstyle is exactly, try bubble pigtails, a french or dutch braid with hair rings, or any hairstyle with glitter roots. The same goes for glitter roots as with the face glitter: buy some glitter at the store, apply it with hair gel or hairspray, and you’re good to go!

#4: Jewelry

PC Liliclaspe I  Pintrest I  Lunadaze

PC Liliclaspe I  Pintrest I  Lunadaze

Jewelry pieces are a must for music festival wear! Vamp up your look with some cool ear cuffs, a headpiece, and, of course, a choker layered with necklaces of different lengths.     

#5: A Mini Emergency Bag!

PC Pinch Provisions

PC Pinch Provisions

You’ll surely be the prepared friend of your group with a kit like this! Whether it’s a festival kit you buy, or one that you put together yourself, it is bound to come in handy. Oh, what’s that?  You have greasy hair? Here’s some dry shampoo, boo. That’s right, now you’re the go-to girl who comes in clutch for her girlfriends.  

Now that you’re ready, get out there, girl!  Enjoy yourself in style!


Written By: Lauren Sobel