Multimedia Art Bae | Daniela Tesfaie

Photographer:  Joy Donaldson

Model: Daniela Tesfaie

Interviewed by: Maisha Kabir

Maisha: Define your look.

Daniela: 90s grunge meets chic.

Maisha: What’s your favorite style mania of all time?

Daniela: Chokers, leather, plaid, and leopard print– all day, every day.

Maisha: Favorite shopping stops?

Daniela: Metropolis Vintage NYC, hands down. The amount of vintage band t-shirts this store has is unbelievable.

dan 3.jpg

Maisha: How important do you think your style is in terms of your identity? 

Daniela: I don't think I put any conscious effort in having a style. I just make sure that I feel like myself in my clothes. When I go out shopping my eyes automatically are attracted to certain items because they resonate with the kind of person I already am. My identity is inherent to my character, so my style decisions come naturally. I feel like it's about time we abandon the idea of following trends. Dare to be yourself.

Maisha: Who are your favorite designers?

Daniela: The one and only, Alexander Wang.

Maisha: If you were in a zombie apocalypse and had to pick one thing from your closet before you leave everything behind, what would it be?

Daniela: A champagne-colored midi slip. Pairing it with Doc Martins and a biker jacket I would already be wearing...Gotta meet Apocalypse in style.

dan 4.jpg

Maisha: Do you hope to do something with fashion in the future?

Daniela: I am working in the multimedia content creation and art direction field, so fashion-related projects are no stranger.

Maisha: Do you have a personal blog or website of your own?

Daniela: My multimedia art platform launches on November 1st. Feel free to see it for yourself: