Top 5 Ways for Transitioning Your Wardrobe for the Colder Weather

As the colder weather approaches, we are all starting to break out our winter gear, along with our fall knits, jackets, and boots. Fall looks are definitely the most fun to rock, but how do we still stay super stylish as the weather gets crazy cold? Here are five ways to stay chic for the colder months ahead: 

1. Wear your dresses and skirts (especially thicker, woven ones) with Over the Knee Boots

Some days, even when it’s cold outside, we want to switch out our jeans or trousers for something different. In order not to freeze, use this chic footwear option to keep your legs warm. This ensemble can be super casual with the flat version of these boots, or more night-time appropriate with high-heeled ones. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 12.49.27 PM.png

2. Layer Vests Over Lighter Jackets 

Vests and light jackets are both fall sartorial staples, and whilst transitioning into the winter season, you can layer these up to stay warm and stylish without even needing to buy other outerwear pieces. For instance, a faux fur vest looks ultra chic over a leather jacket. 

3. Different Textures

An easy way to not lose yourself in a lot of layers is to vary the textures of the pieces you incorporate into your look. Simply top off your knitwear with a faux shearling jacket for an elevated look. 

4.  Belted Jackets

With all of these layers, you don’t want to lose your shape. An easy way to keep your look streamlined and not snowman-like is to wear a belted jacket over your thick shirts and sweaters. 

5. Statement Winter Accessories

The winter season is the perfect time to experiment with all different types of outerwear accessories. From fedoras to beanies to blanket scarves, there are an endless amount of accents you can use to complete your winter ensemble. 

And viola! Follow the five, mix and match while you’re at it, and you shall find yourself quite masterly transitioned for the colder climates!

Written by: Elisa Lewittes