Meet Fashion Blogger: Matt Chu

Photographer: Stephanie Pan

Model: Matt Chu

Interviewed by: Maisha Kabir

Founder of Matt Chu Picchu

MK: What's your go-to look? 

MC: A printed top, a pair of simple denim or trousers , and interesting shoes.

MK: Who are your favorite designers/brands?

MC: So many! But some that are at the top of my head are GUCCI, Dries Van Noten, Valentino, Haider Ackermann, and No. 21.

MK: Who’s your biggest style inspiration? 

MC: Yoyo Cao of

MK: What’s the best fashion advice you ever got?

MC: If you like it, then wear it.

MK: Do you have a fashion website or blog of your own? 

MC: is a fashion editorial blog that reflects my fine arts training. It’s meant to be visually stimulating and thought provoking at other times. I started it sort of as an anti-Stern project that’s meant to develop my artistic side; however, I also realized it was also a good way to connect with the creative community. Going forth, I look forward to collaborating with other bloggers and brands to deliver my aesthetic values to more audiences.

MK: Do you hope to do something in fashion in the future?

MC: I’m looking to go into fashion business with an emphasis on marketing.

MK: Does the city play a role or contribute to your style? 

MC: New York has definitely made me bolder in terms of expression, but not so much in terms of clothing choices. American fashion is too simple for me and New York has made me more aware of that.

MK: If you could have one celebrity's closet, who would it be?

MC: Olly Alexander of Years and Years.