Denim Daze: Interview with Ella Wiznia | The Series

Credit: @followtheseries

Credit: @followtheseries

Today I got the chance to speak with Ella Wiznia, Founder and Designer of The Series. Ella makes customized and vintage, handmade denim jackets and recently had a pop-up event in collaboration with Shop The Uniform. Read on to hear more about the brand, the pop-up, and much more!

EL: What inspired you to create the Series? 

EW: I just started because I wanted a vintage denim jacket that had patchwork all over it. I used to go, before I had a real incentive to do so, to a lot of flea markets to find vintage patches and fabrics. I had some experience with sewing so I decided to see what would happen. When I would wear the jackets I created, others would compliment me and ask me where I bought it. So, I started making them for friends, and I loved it.

EL: What’s your favorite thing about designing? 

EW: My design process is composed of two parts: first, I think about how to create each piece, and then I make the actual jackets. I have a lot of fun conceptualizing each piece.I have always done a lot of collages, so I feel like my brain is wired to put weird things together. Once I’m actually sewing the pieces, I get lost in time, and it is so relaxing for me. It never feels like work. I’m actually working on some religion themed ones now. They are really out there with tons of embroidery. 

EL: Do you have any dream retailers in mind? 

EW: Well, I love Tictail on the Lower East Side, and I actually sell on their website right now. There is an amazing group of designers and artists there. Also, I would love to work with @ArtBabyGirl on Instagram, who does amazing illustrations. I like retailers that have a personal connection between the seller and the buyer. I create personalized jackets so I want the retailer to offer a personalized experience in their store. I make people fill out this long form when I make my custom jackets because I feel like I really need to know the person in order to make the right jacket for them. Personal connection is important to me. 

EL: Speaking of your customized jackets, what is the craziest jacket request you have gotten thus far? 

EW: One of my favorites was for a girl who wanted a dream themed jacket. She lives in the Netherlands. That jacket was just so much fun to create, and it made me push the envelope from what I had done up to that point. I just took bare fabrics and made all of these geometric shapes with it. Then, I used patches in order to make a sort of trippy, pink mountains theme. Besides that jacket, I did one recently for a guy who loves Berlin, and I’ve never been to Berlin so I had to do a ton of research to make this one. A lot of my education at NYU has been in architecture, so I’ve done a lot of illustrations of buildings up to this point. For this jacket, I basically just put a building on the back of a jacket. It is funny that all of the work I did for school relates so well to what I do now. 

EL: What’s the story behind the Cosmo UK article? 

EW: That was very random. I did not have a lot of followers on Instagram or anything when Cosmo UK reached out to me. I was just taking my own pictures and pretending that my brand was a “we” and not an “I” making this whole production happen. I tried to make it seem like it was bigger than it actually was. But then, one day, I got an email from someone at Hearst publications saying that they had this opportunity for September. I sent it to my mom because I thought it wasn’t real, and she said she thinks it is. So, I said I was going to do it. 

EL: Do you have a favorite jacket that you have made? 

EW: I have one that’s a work in progress that I’m keeping for myself. I used to love Arthur as a kid, and I found this Arthur shirt that I just knew I had to put on a jacket. I was going to do it for the nostalgia collection, but it was the one jacket I couldn’t let go. It is too “me” themed for anyone else. I won’t make a jacket ever that I don’t love. 

EL: Are there any celebrities or influencers you want to make a jacket for? 

EW: Speaking of Arthur, I really want to make Chance the Rapper a jacket which is based on his Arthur theme song. I have some ideas for that currently. I just have to get it to him somehow. I don’t know how I’m going to get it to him though. 

If anyone has a connection to Chance, please let Ella know!

Ella’s jackets are available on her website here, and go follow her on Instagram and Facebook for future pop-up shops! 

Interviewed by: Elisa Lewittes