Fashion and Identity

Photographer: Belle Yau

Ft. Yannick Trapman-O'Brien (Model, Actor, Theater-Maker)

Jeans: Levi 501s

NYU.FASHION Yannick-31.jpg

What do you think of the relationship between fashion and identity?

"I think it’s a rather complex question, but I certainly think fashion is a conscious and unconscious expression of our identity. We choose our dress for many reasons, from aesthetic preference to performing “ourselves” (and variations thereof). I all of these decisions happen within the bounds of our values, which put hard stops on what we will and will not buy and wear."

NYU.FASHION Yannick-28.jpg

"It’s our human capacity to tell stories by drawing a line to connect a set of facts. I think our personal fashion is an interesting case, because we are the line, but we can also very consciously curate the facts (clothes) that need to be resolved into that story."

NYU.FASHION Yannick-15.jpg